Gray Wolf Shot and Killed within Grand Teton National Park

[If not safe there, where?]

MOOSE, WY — A gray wolf was shot and killed at a private inholding within Grand Teton National Park on Monday, January 20, 2014. The person who fired the lethal shot notified Wyoming Game and Fish Department wardens and they reported the situation to park rangers at approximately 10:30 a.m.

Grand Teton National Park rangers and a park biologist responded to the area to investigate the incident. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is conducting a concurrent investigation.

The wolf was a two-year-old male and was not radio-collared; its pack affiliation is unknown. At the time of the shooting, this wolf was in the company of three to four pack mates.

The incident is under investigation by the National Park Service in consultation with United States Attorney’s Office, District of Wyoming, and no further information will be released until the investigation is concluded.

copyrighted Hayden wolf in lodgepoles

14 thoughts on “Gray Wolf Shot and Killed within Grand Teton National Park

  1. WTF? Unreal. This has got to be illegal. But then, it seems all the wolf killing going on is illegal and it doesn’t matter. Wilderness Areas? National Parks? Do animals crossing inholding lines lose whatever weak protections they have? This is not why we have protected areas — so these morons can murder what tiny ragtag remnants of wildlife that are left.

  2. Why are guns even allowed in any park…as much as hunters shoot themselves and each other,it is a wonder they have’nt killed any families enjoy-n the national parks.Also it would seem that wolves are’nt the only ones that cant understand boundries…

  3. I live in Wisconsin and we had a wolf hunt this year but it is done because of quota being met.I want to direct this to all the Wisconsin drivers that have Specialized Plates on their cars. All of you with a Wolf on your car plates I want to know why? I want to know if you are aware of the Wolf hunts going on in Wisconsin and if you are what are you doing about it ? If you are doing nothing shame on you and you should take your Wolf plates off your car.If you want to help not just in Wisconsin but every state that is killing Wolves start with this wolf page and from here you will be directed to others that can give you names and ways to contact those in power that can stop this slaughter of wolves and the real possibility of extinction of wolves if this hunting/ slaughter is not stopped. Wolves belong back on the Endangered Species List in all 48 states.

  4. I do not understand the silence I meet when sharing the plight of our wolves (and other wildlife). Why are citizens not enraged at the power plays and political maneuvers that allow the destruction of our necessary ecology? What more needs to be done to engage the average citizen?

  5. The worst part of the Wyoming Wolf “predator status” designation is the fact that the agriculture and livestock industry are allowed to dictate this backward label and the FG agency uses it as part of the management plan. Is that rational to you? Wyoming thinks they are doing a great job allowing a few hundred wolves to live and survive in that backward State. Pathetic. Do we even have any of the details yet about the 5 wolves that were killed outside of Yellowstone in Wyoming a few months ago?

    • I hope the truth comes out about the deal making that occurred between Mead, Salazar, and Bourasso during the Ashe confirmation hearings

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