Ted Nugent pushes bear hunting in N.B.

Outspoken, gun-toting American rocker Ted Nugent is promoting the spring bear hunt in New Brunswick with his Sunrize Safaris.

The website tednugent.com offers hunters a chance to go to New Brunswick and shoot a trophy black bear

Nugent has hunted bear in New Brunswick before.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent has hunted black bear in New Brunswick in the past. (CBC)

He chronicles one such trip on the archerytalk.com blog in 2010 in a post titled: “Hi Spirit: New Brunswick Bruins. For a rockin’ good time, try for a far-North spring blackie.”

On that occasion, Nugent arranged for a bear hunting trip in New Brunswick after his band “rocked the house royal with Lynayrd Skynyrd (sic) in Barrie, Ontario, outside Toronto, Canada’s number one cosmopolitan megacity,” the blog post says,

Nugent was hunting with Slipp Brothers Ltd. Hunting and Outfitting in Hoyt, south of Fredericton. On the third day of hunting, with daylight running short, Nugent encountered a bear.

“Right then a big black blob appeared 60 yards out in the dense boreal scrub,” wrote Nugent. “My heart pounded like a double live gonzo big bass drum gone Motor city Mad Man full-tilt boogie. I love when that happens.”

Now Nugent is offering others the chance to experience that feeling with a Sunrize Safari to New Brunswick from June 1-7 for “the bear hunt of a lifetime,” with Toby Nugent — Ted’s son — and Paul Wilson of Sunrize Safaris in camp.

The cost of the outing in $3,550 per hunter plus $184.19 for a licence.

A similar outing for bear hunting in Quebec near Malartic is also offered by the company at a cost of $3,500.

Bear hunting has been on the decline in New Brunswick in recent years.

In 2004, more than 3,600 non-residents purchased bear licences. Last year, that number had fallen to below 2,000.


18 thoughts on “Ted Nugent pushes bear hunting in N.B.

  1. Polarized on Predator Issues and More: What are we (conservationists) dealing with in opponents?
    I have observed and deduced from countless (many) interactions with hunters, ranchers, and their ilk (supporters on same issues) in blogs, conversations, essays, letters to editors and feedback that those who want to preserve a balanced ecology of predator and prey, most polarized with regard to wolves, that I am talking to a different animal than myself and other wolf and (other) predator conservationists; and it also mostly applies to bison. I could fill a book of my own essays, letters to editors and wildlife agencies and representatives and blogs. Once I get to the basic issues, like one opponent told me, we disagree on all. Now I am sure, once we are away from the hardcore opponents there are gradations of agreement and disagreement, and they, I have concluded are the ones to really talk to. I have observed, many times, ad nausea, that my opponents do not want to be confused by facts, logic, or science: They shut down, and get back and double down on their views (beliefs really), often get angry when they shut down, and literally or figuratively walk away. I want a balanced ecological wilderness where practicable (many niches). They want to farm ungulates even in the wilderness. I want the wolf, lion, and bear left alone believing they will regulate their populations relative to prey and viable niches. They want wolves eliminated or very marginalized, and bears, especially grizzlies, very marginalized, and lions marginalized. I do not believe there should be any farming of elk or other ungulates, which means marginalizing or eliminating predators in the wilderness and logging and clearing for meadow formation in the wilderness. They want to farm ungulates to the maximum so they will have more recreational killing opportunities, to the maximum, and promote the hunting culture and that economy to the maximum. I love wolves and they hate and I think fear them. I do not think that wolves in particular and predators in general or any threatened or endangered species should be managed at the state level because of conflicting interests with ranching, sportsmen, and industrial and development and extraction industry interests: It becomes political management and guess who controls the political climate in western states and some midwestern states, particularly MT-WY-WI-ID. It also becomes localized management.

    We disagree with the role of federal government with regard to wildlife and wilderness and wildlife management; and with regard to national forests and other federal lands use and management: They think that federal land in their states is their land. They want it all at the state level and management to take a priority to jobs as provided by extraction industries, ranchers, hunting, and development. They hate the federal government and federal agencies and laws like ESA and EPA and USFWS “interfering” with their economic and recreational interests and development and extraction industries’ interests and rancher and farmer interests. They would gut or do away with ESA, EPA, and federal control of federal lands. The latter is sort of a contradiction because now and historically the federal government has coddled their interests with free range grazing in the past and grazing and farming for a pittance now on federal lands. The National Forest Service has been and is now mostly clearing house for logging, extraction industries and ranching.
    These people, opponents are mostly republicans and blue dog (fake democrats, state rights priority) democrats, and mostly right wing nuts, at least on the issues of concern.

    • I could not have said this better… We NEED to get Trophy hunting OUTLAWED! It’s archaic, and doesn’t belong in 21st century civilized society. How can we go about doing this… given the majority of americans feel this way!?

    • Your description of trying to talk to hunters is exactly mine – there’s a real and irrational hatred of predators among some and facts have no place in the equation.

  2. I didn’t realize that this very small-brained, small-dick psycho had reproduced. I feel queasy. One of him is bad enough. This caveman knuckle-dragger is beyond repulsive and by his very existence sucks the goodness out of the world. May he perish soon and in the same agony he inflicts on bears and his other victims.

    • Amen, Pamela. I winced too when I saw that this A-Hole is passing on his pathological behavior to his son. “One of him is bad enough” indeed!

  3. Ted Nugent is one person who needs to be pushed off a cliff. I have an imaginary plane in my head full of useless celebrities, politicians and animal abusers. And everyday the plane blows-up or crashes, sometimes several times a day. Ted Nugent is one of those people who have a permanent seat.

  4. This “thing” is one of the most foul , ignorant pieces of trash ever put on this earth. He has contributed nothing and just dirties the air. It’s sad that vile creatures like him just seem to live forever. His son will be just like him, so yes, he will never die. Sick and ugly, inside and out.

  5. Why is this man, and I use the word loosely, still here? He is a blight on the earth and is teaching his son his ways, so his cruelty will continue. If there is any justice at all, he will die being attacked by one of the poor animals he so joyously kills. He’s nothing but a nasty, brutal, crazy subhuman. Shame on anyone who supports him.

  6. It is apparent that Ted Nugent suffered brain damage from way too much excessive behavior years ago. It is most unfortunate that he is still trying to generate publicity from activities such as these. The younger generation views him as “crazy and unbalanced,and probably needs to be locked up”(quote from my 26 year old daughter.) I doubt if he will have any lasting impact on our future generation.

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