Idaho game management killing elk after killing wolves

by Justin King

 Wildlife Photography © Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography © Jim Robertson

Boise – Ranchers in Idaho are asking the state government to help eliminate some of the state’s elk population. The state is halfway through the wolf season, which was said to have been introduced to stop the wolves from attacking elk.

A group from Mayfield claims that Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game has been unable to protect their livelihoods from elk herds which they say are trampling their fences, crops, and causing other problems. The department currently allows a small group of hunters to participate in “depredation hunts,” in which the hunters are allowed to kill animals while hoping to drive the herds away.
Elk hunters have actively encouraged thinning the wolf population. Some have established co-ops to shoulder the cost of trapping wolves that are eating the prized trophy animals. Wolf trappers are paid up to $500 per kill.

Conservationists unsuccessfully attempted to stop the wolf hunts and predicted an explosion in the elk population if the wolf, an apex predator, was hunted. Tim Preso, an attorney representing the conservationists said of the wolf hunting efforts last week:

There is every reason to believe that this is not going to be a one-off, they have set a goal of inflating the elk population by removing wolves. According to their own plan that’s a multi-year undertaking. So I see every reason to believe that this is going to be a recurring activity.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, almost 900 wolves have been killed since they lost federal protection.
One of the proposed solutions to Mayfield’s problem is to move the herds closer to the areas where wolves roam.

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4 thoughts on “Idaho game management killing elk after killing wolves

  1. So, Gov “butcher” Otter you killed America’s wolves that happen to live in Idaho, but belong to all of us, because you thought they had depleted your elk…
    So, now you have to kill your elk… because you have a surplus…?
    You are indeed a bloody butcher and there are no excuses, sir, for your stupidity and immorality!
    Impeach this incompetent public servant, Idaho.
    He is giving your state a very bad name and reputation for his ill conceived plan of killing the nation’s wolves.
    We demand his resignation.

  2. Unfathomably, Butch Otter is very popular in Idaho. He has no admirable qualities but represents the old days and the way things used to be — which I guess is his appeal. He supports horse slaughter, and you may recall his excited statement about wanting to get the first wolf killing license & tag available. In a word, he is a hopeless relic, and he is supported by many hopeless relics who populate this state. Killing appears to be his pleasure and entertainment, and it really doesn’t matter which species, although some like wolves are singled out for unrelenting brutality and persecution, which he 100% supports.

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