Stop Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt

Stop Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt – Action Needed!
URGENT!  Please send Sign-On letter!
Orphaned bear cub
Take action now!

Dear Friends of Wildlife

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s decision to allow a Spring Bear Hunt in Ontario will result in the death of hundreds of small bear cubs just like this one.

Attracting hungry adult bears with food bait when they are coming out of a long hibernation and easily shot by a hunter hiding in a nearby tree blind is a cowardly act made worse by the small dependent cubs that are left to die a slow death of starvation.  Sometimes hounds are used to track and tree bears for hunters to shoot. Wounded bears fall to the ground where the hounds attack them. Hounds may also attack cubs that are stranded on the ground without their mothers.

You and I can make a difference in stopping this morally-indefensible hunt. If you live in Ontario:    

  • Add your name to the Sign-On letter. Even if you have signed other petitions or sent a letter, please send this one as it will go to all Ontario MPP’s, sending a strong message that there is province-wide opposition to a Spring Bear Hunt.
  • Make the letter your own by changing the subject line, first paragraph or adjusting the order of others.
  • Second, send a response to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) consultation. The comment can be as brief as saying you are ‘strongly opposed on moral grounds to hunting bears in the spring when they are caring for very young dependent cubs’ or you can add a different point or two taken from the Sign-On letter. Click here to view the EBR posting or go directly to the comment page.

Please forward this to family and friends who share your love of wildlife and use social media to get the word out, particularly among young people, because we know they care.

Ontario Wildlife Coalition

6 thoughts on “Stop Ontario’s Spring Bear Hunt

  1. Kathleen Wynne, BA, MA, ME, leader of the provincial “Liberal” Party, mother of three children, first woman premiere of Ontario, first openly-gay premiere of any Canadian province, tireless defender of the disadvantaged, and directly responsible for the impending deaths of dozens, maybe hundreds, of orphaned bear cubs. What’s wrong with this picture? How does a successful, highly educated woman, no doubt personally acquainted with the injustices and petty cruelties suffered by a shunned minority, become the prime facilitator of a monstrously cruel, totally needless program of legalized animal abuse? Has she learned absolutely nothing through her own sufferings? (Like media-superstar and professional drama queen Johnny Weir parading around in fur, only a thousand times worse.) It’s only possible if, at heart, one is a hypocrite and a poseur. And it forever renders absurd any attempt at celebrating the oppressed-minority-makes-good morality play.

    • Her response would likely go something like: “How dare you compare the right of a non-human animal (to live her life free of the fear of being blasted to death the minute she steps out of her hibernation den, leaving her dependent cubs to starve) to the right of a human being to fulfill her heart’s desire in every way imaginable?”

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