Idaho kills 23 wolves from helicopter this month in Lolo Zone

copyrighted Hayden wolf in lodgepoles

This article was sent to me with the comment:

“Bastards aerial gunned down 23 wolves those fuckers 
How is this going to end Jim
I feel so sad
And hateful.”
…To which I answered: It will end when the human race or finally grows a conscience or goes extinct , whichever comes first.

by Rich

Feb. 28, 2014 3:36 p.m.                             •  12 comments

PREDATORS — Idaho Fish and Game, in cooperation with the USDA Wildlife Services, killed 23 gray wolves from a helicopter near the Idaho-Montana border during February in an effort to relieve predation on the struggling elk herds in the remote Lolo Zone.

The agency said in a just-issued media release that the wolf-control effort has been completed.

“The action is consistent with Idaho’s predation management plan for the Lolo elk zone, where predation is the major reason elk population numbers are considerably below management objectives,” the agency said in the release.

In addition to the animals killed in this control action, 17 wolves have been taken by hunters and trappers in the Lolo zone during the 2013-14 season – 7 by hunting and 10 by trapping, officials said.

The trapping season ends March 31, the hunting season ends June 30.

Fish and Game estimates there were 75 -100 wolves in the Lolo zone at the start of the 2013 hunting season with additional animals crossing back and forth between Idaho and Montana and from other Idaho elk zones.  Officials said their goal is to reduce that Lolo zone wolf population by 70 percent.

The Lolo elk population has declined from 16,000 elk in 1989 to roughly 2,100 elk in 2010, when Fish and Game last surveyed the zone.

The Lolo predation management plan is posted on the Fish and Game website.

This is the sixth agency control action taken in Lolo zone during the last four years.  A total of 25 wolves were taken in the previous five actions.

Fish and Game officials say they authorize control actions where wolves are causing conflicts with people or domestic animals, or are a significant factor in prey population declines.  Such control actions are consistent with Idaho’s 2002 Wolf Conservation and Management Plan approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Idaho Legislature, they say.

More from IFG:

Fish and Game prefers to manage wolf populations using hunters and trappers and only authorizes control actions where harvest has been insufficient to meet management goals.  The Lolo zone is steep, rugged country that is difficult to access, especially in winter.

Restoring the Lolo elk population will require liberal bear, mountain lion, and wolf harvest through hunting and trapping (in the case of wolves), and control actions in addition to improving elk habitat.  The short-term goals in Fish and Game’s 2014 Elk Plan are to stabilize the elk population and begin to help it grow.

Helicopter crews are now capturing and placing radio collars on elk, moose, and wolves in the Lolo zone in order to continue monitoring to see whether prey populations increase in response to regulated wolf hunting, trapping and control actions.


29 thoughts on “Idaho kills 23 wolves from helicopter this month in Lolo Zone

  1. I still say , Jim, Idaho needs to be nuked. There comes a time when it’s the ONLY right thing to do. Not unlike the end of WW2. And I’m a vegan, activist, and pacifist- but I also totally agree with MLK. To collude, condone this shit is so totally unacceptable.

    • I agree with your last line, but really, don’t you think nuking would be a bit messy, with too many unintended casualties such as deer, elk, eagles, rabbits, robins, cotes and those few wolves who remain?

      • You’re totally right about the messy part, unintended fall out. Let me rethink this….I’m sure I can come up with something!

  2. Idaho,needs to get rid of a couple of the ranchers using public lands…then place all the elk they can in the pastures…That is what hunters want,simply to take target practice.It is still senseless killing…but that is the only thing Idaho understands.I believe the word “co-exist”does not exist in any of their dictionaries.

  3. People who live in this state and pay taxes are indeed condoning this behavior, whether they want to believe it or not. Conscience, shmoncience–unless there is civil disobedience, a mora obligation to stand up against the wrongs, nothing will change in this state, a la MLK. You may or may not know “good ” people in this state, but if they are quiet, they are going along with, and endorsing the program.

    • You’ve put your finger on the problem. One doesn’t have to be personally shooting wolves from a helicopter to be complicit in the crimes being routinely perpetrated against wild animals in this country. If you pay taxes and ostensibly pledge allegiance to a criminal regime like the one now running Idaho, and possibly soon to be running the entire country, one has an ethical obligation to resist immoral activities being done in your name. And “resist” should include the “by any means necessary” stipulation of Malcolm X. Otherwise, one is no better than all those “good Germans” in the Third Reich who looked the other way or didn’t want to get involved when their government began mass murdering various “untermenschen”. I wonder if anyone would today think the act of intentionally shooting down a Nazi plane out strafing peaceful civilians an immoral or criminal act?

  4. Can Idaho Not Be Bat Sh—Crazy? And Montana and Wyoming and Wisconsin

    Idaho is elk farming in the wilderness, and now proposing logging/clearing and killing the predators in a local areas so there will be more elk to kill. That is a plan for sportsmen, loggers, and meadow formation! Wow! Maybe they could even build roads with pullouts and form meadows in gunshot range. Put out some scopes at the pullouts. Put out some lick blocks and grain in the meadows, some feed crops, and have electronic calls at the pullouts. Watch for Montana to follow suit of ID. Why do not MT-ID-WY-WI (wolf massacre states) sportsmen or some large ranchers just form elk farms on private land, instead of the wilderness, more than they already do, so that “sportsmen” can just come, even by appointment, any time of year, and shoot “their elk”. They could even go beyond that and have deer, pronghorn, birds and other game to shoot, maybe even farm animals: Choke their own chicken or turkey, shoot their own pig or cow or sheep. Maybe a fishing pond could be available so they can catch “their fish”. The Elmer Fudd Nimrods, Jeremiah Johnson Wannabees could go to these places. Then maybe we (the general public) could institute some rules about leaving the wilderness alone and get the wildlife agencies, after some firings at the top, to protect wilderness and wildlife. Their (sportsmen and the state wildlife agencies) management is mostly based on mythology and folklore anyway and is harmful to the wilderness and the game animals and predators and balanced wildlife ecology. The sportsmen and state wildlife agencies are creating a distortion in what the wilderness and protection of it is suppose to be about. It is not meant to be for elk farming or any form of game farming, or just for outfitters, hunters and trappers. Elk numbers are up in the wolf massacre states of ID-MT-WY-WI. There are around 140,000 in MT and WY and around 89,000 in ID. MT and ID have a 19+% of success in an individual taking an elk. WY has a whopping 38% success rate. Wyoming has had a 10 year in a row record harvest. Wolves and other predators are not making a dent in ungulate herds, for that is hunter folklore. There are simply too few wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Area compared to prey. Predators and prey have had millennium to work out the ebb and flow of balance between predator and prey, with both making healthy adaptations. Wolves and other predators are a very healthy part of ecological system while Jeremiah Johnson Wannabees and Elmer Fudd Nimrods are not healthy for wilderness habitat or even ungulate herds. So, a plan to keep Elmer Fudd Nimrods and Jeremiah Johnson Wannabees happy and keep them out of the wilderness is even a better one than meadow creation for elk, killing of predators, distortion of natural wilderness..

  5. Elk farming on public land is a gross distortion of wilderness based on myths. Wolves do not need to be managed, by trapping or hunting, to drive down the population so that elk numbers will be increased. That is a myth. Wolf numbers do not need to be driven down by hunting or trapping to save cattle. Cattle predation from wolves is about 0.002% (65 out of 5.1 million in 2012), for which ranchers are reimbursed. Elk numbers are up in Montana 37% since wolf recovery. There are now over 140,000 versus 89,000 in 1989. Elk harvests are successful over 19% of the time in ID and MT and 25% of the time in WY. WY has had 10 years in a row of record elk harvests. Outside interests are not controlling the issue; signatures to ban trapping are being gathered from Montana residents who think that trapping is inherently cruel and barbaric and not justified by fur taken or trophies or just to serve the interests of a handful of people while endangering others and pets on public land. Oregon is the model for wolf management where nonlethal means have to be in place and tried and then only chronic offenders are dealt with in lethal ways, not Montana of Idaho bizarre, unfounded notion of driving down the population. Wolves will manage their own populations. What is true of wolves is also true of lions and grizzlies. It is not healthy for wilderness ecology to marginalize the predators and try farming elk. The controls should be emphasized on regulation of hunting relative to available game in general or in locales. Man’s blood sports (hunting, trapping), weather, forage, habitat, global warming, disease are the main factors in ungulate numbers. Predators have a positive trophic cascading effect on flora and fauna, not man. But don’t worry, there is and will be plenty of killings available for hunters without killing wolves and other predators, it is a hunter-wildlife agency myth that is otherwise promoted. It is probably counter productive to kill wolves in general as the adults teach the young to hunt, what to hunt, and to leave man alone. General killing disrupts families and training and may stimulate reproduction, as it seems to do with coyotes. Wolves drive coyotes away. Coyotes are the main predator of sheep. It may even be the case that indirectly wolves save sheep. In any case wolves and other predators provide for a balanced ecology, belong in that ecology while man departed the wilderness as hunters and gatherers long ago and man is now just a superfluous killer of wildlife and is otherwise encroaching on wilderness in multiple ways. Control man, not predators, let nature be as much as possible. Let’s start with ending the barbarism of trapping. And let’s end elk farming on public land.

  6. How much proof does USFWS need to prove that wolves should not be delisted? What we have is political management of a species, particularly in MT-WY-ID-WI. Wyoming has them classified as varmints in most of the state. Montana’s new rules allow ranchers to shoot any wolf they see as “threatening”, which means any wolf they see, and proposes to have year around trapping. Idaho is having wolf and coyote contests for cash and has hired a hunter to kill a couple of packs deep in a wilderness area arguing that it is in defense of elk herds. The Governor of ID wants to set aside 2 million dollars to drive down the wolf population to marginal, delisting levels. Wisconsin is using dogs. MT-WY-ID-WI are obviously marginalizing this apex predator which is not good ecology for trophic cascade of effects; with hunters (sports killing) and ranchers and these state wildlife agencies having unhealthy effects on ecology. We are rapidly getting back to the 1800’s in wolf massacring states. Wolf management–they do not generally need management, should be out of the states’ hands. The states mentioned are way too hostile, and controlled by historic hostile elements. They are promoting two myths despite contrary evidence: Wolves do not kill too many elk and their impact on cattle is less than 0.002%. These states are run by rancher and hunter folklore, myths and lies and their ilk in the state wildlife agencies and legislatures, with so far the only exception being OR and somewhat WA. OR is the model wolf management state, allowing the killing of only chronic offenders, not general wolf killing, and requiring that nonlethal management be in place and tried. The throwback (1800’s) wolf massacre states are mismanaging wolves. If the states, particularly the ones mentioned, were forced to live with wolves for a number years and focus on nonlethal management, per the Oregon model, they might get use to the idea and wolves would have a chance, but not at the present time.

    • We seem to need management for man
      We are running the insane asylum for hunters and nature is losing
      Civil disobedience/ demonstrations and vocal opposition are needed in this bloody state .. Never setting fior in Sun Valley again ! Tourism needs to die here .. Boycott all things Idaho even their potatoes ..

  7. According to Roger’s comments, the numbers of elk in Montana are up, though IDGF claims they are down in Idaho. Could it be the elk just went to Montana?

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