“Kill ‘Em All Boyz” Are “Ethical Hunters” Once Again

Ever since a friend sent me an article from back in 2006 about the poaching ring4cbfbced5cc75_image who gave themselves the narcissistic name the “Kill ‘Em All Boyz,” I’ve been wondering when they would be back in the Washington state “game” department’s good graces and be allowed to hunt again.

I found the answer in an October 20, 2008 article by the Daily Astorian entitled “Tip alerted WDFW officials to poaching gang” which reported that Micky Ray Gordon, ringleader of the “Kill ‘Em All Boyz” (who pleaded guilty to pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree animal cruelty, illegal hunting with hounds, second-degree criminal trespass and third-degree malicious mischief and was sentenced in ‘08 to 13 months in prison, following a seven-month undercover investigation by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) would be eligible to purchase a hunting license again after only five years of suspension.

The other poachers were given even more lenient sentences, with even shorter
suspensions before they could hunt again. According to the article, “Brian Hall, 20, pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal trespass, third-degree malicious mischief and second-degree hunting with dogs. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and $1,500 in fines, and will not be eligible to purchase a hunting license for two years. Adam Lee, 21, pleaded guilty to hunting with a suspended license and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and $1,850 in fines. And Joseph Dills, 23, pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, ranging from second-degree big-game hunting to using bait to hunt for bear. His total penalties amounted to 65 days in jail and $2,050 in fines.” At their press time, “Dills [was] pending trial in Lewis County on charges of committing other hunting violations.”

The article also states that this “case has provoked outrage among the hunting community in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon, in part because of the nature of the crimes but also because Gordon and his gang were initially referred to as “hunters” and not “poachers.” That sentiment was echoed by a comment I received earlier today from a hunter who piously stated, “Please remember. These are poachers, not to be confused with legal, ethical, ‘pay for conservation’ hunters.”

Well, they can go out and buy a hunting license now, just as legally as anyone. Does that make them different people? Are they “ethical” hunters again now that they’re
1800308_664612120267816_1839536551_nallowed to re-up their annual hunting licenses and bear, elk, deer, cougar,
bobcat, etc., etc. tags? How do these former poachers’ mindsets differ from the
average hunters? Is it just a matter of how many they killed at one time; or
the fact that they were not playing fair by the law-abiding hunters?

Poachers or not, it’s all ends the same for the animals they killed.

Anyone who witnesses a wildlife violation call WDFW’s toll-free Poaching Hotline at (877) 933-9847

10 thoughts on ““Kill ‘Em All Boyz” Are “Ethical Hunters” Once Again

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    • Me too! I would like to carry many order forms, picture included with me. It would go nicely with all of my anti-hunter bumper stickers. Just got my new one: THOSE ANTLERS ON YOUR TRUCK SAY YOU’RE A BLOOD THIRSTY PSYCHO.

  2. There is no distinction between so-called “ethical hunters” and those who otherwise slaughter animals. We need to stop accepting these “game management” terms, as it just continues to legitimize the serial-killing mentality of all hunting. Even the game term “management” should not be used by those opposed to hunting and trapping. Too many conservation groups, including those who claim to be “wildlife protection” groups fall for this. Should we continue sleeping with the Enemy, when we know their agenda is to keep the slaughter going?

  3. Fish and games are legal scum bags, arrogant and disrespectful MURDERERS! Wen you have no morals,no compassion and respect for others you are NOTHING but EVIL! Voting is the # ONE way to rid of them for good! Spread the word and NEVER BE SILENT!

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  5. The real problem is that F&G departments are largely funded by hunting license fees. Which puts them in need of promoting hunting for them to keep a job. Thank repugs for ensuring a system where regulatory agencies are dependent on licensing fees from the things they regulate.

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