Psychopath’s-Eye View Of Idaho Aerial Wolf Shooting

Nowhere to run. This photo shows how the psychopaths from the Idaho Fish and Game, in cooperation with the USDA Wildlife Services, were able to kill 23 gray wolves from a helicopter near the Idaho-Montana border during February…



11 thoughts on “Psychopath’s-Eye View Of Idaho Aerial Wolf Shooting

  1. These folks are hunters getting paid to hunt our American Wolves…this is not what I want done with my Money !
    What cowards hanging out the door shooting like they are at a carnival…makes me so sad and I am apologizing to our brethren brother and sister wolf..these men know not what they do…there are so many of us that love you and wish you no harm fact I send you love everyday for all the beautiful ecosystem engineering you do for the world..carbon sequestering and adding to the trophic cascade deserve the Oscar for your part in the production of “saving planet earth”

  2. How do we stop them? I live in Idaho and hate the thought that I might brush up against one of these sadists sometime. Even thinking about it makes me feel dirty.

    • You probably wouldn’t recognize these psychopaths if you bumped into them–they blend in with the crowd. All you can do (short of taking the law in your own hands) is expose these atrocities every chance you get, join forces with like-minded people in Idaho and across the country, and don’t the livestock or hunting industries.

      • I’ve been working on that, the problem I run into a lot is that this issue is so political that most people don’t want to talk openly about it unless they know they are in good company.

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