“Sportsmen” donate $15,000 to Wildlife “Services”


By Perry Backus

[While you and I hate Wildlife “Services with a passion…] The Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife recently contributed $15,000 to the federal agency focused on reducing damage to livestock caused by coyotes and wolves.

The sportsmen’s organization made its contribution to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services in hopes the funding will have some residual benefit to ungulate herds, said Keith Kubista, president of the sportsmen’s group.

“We are pleased to be able to participate in this way which results in reducing the burden of government on the taxpayer and at the same time is consistent with our policies and mission,” Kubista said. “Primary among them is to focus our efforts and funds to preserve our rights to hunt, trap and fish and to protect livestock and pets from predation.”

Kubista said the group recognizes the need to help landowners and livestock producers who suffer impacts from predators.

“These management actions by USDAWS which are focused on the removal of coyotes and wolves causing predation on livestock will also minimize the potential for predation on wildlife,” said the group’s press release.

Montana Wildlife Services State Director John Steuber views the contribution as a cooperative funding agreement similar to what it shares with livestock organizations, counties and others.

“This one may be a little different from others,” he said. “This sportsmen group apparently wants to show its support for the livestock industry.”

Other sportsmen’s groups – like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – have signed cooperative funding agreements in the past.

With federal funding in decline, Steuber said the cooperative funding agreements have played an important role in augmenting the Service’s annual budget.

Steuber said Wildlife Services has evolved quite a lot in the 27 years that he’s spent with it.

“We encourage people to use more non-lethal methods for protecting their livestock from predators,” he said.

As an example, Steuber said the agency is doing a guard dog study in Montana using breeds that aren’t common to the state. The agency is also encouraging people raising chickens in their backyards to use electric fence as a deterrent to bears, he said.

“There are a lot of things that people can do to keep wildlife out of trouble,” he said. “We certainly encourage people to use those.”


Wildlife “Services” in action on the Idaho/Montana border:


11 thoughts on ““Sportsmen” donate $15,000 to Wildlife “Services”

  1. Minimize predation?? WTH?! I’m so tired of these idiots that act like they are for wildlife, they aren’t fooling anyone.

  2. These groups are spin offs of the “yewtaw” based “fake” sportsmen for”some” fish and wildlife. (Mule deer and elk). The founder of this fake group of Hunters is don peabrain peay….he controls wildlife decisions in Utah. Two years ago he bribed the legislature with trophy hunting expeditions to enact a coyote bounty- 50.00 a head. There is no scientific or biological reason for a bounty. It is persecution plain and simple. The Nm chapter holds regular coyote killing contests- and, they took credit on their Facebook page for convincing predator hater Jim lane to pull support for the FED mexican gray wolf program. The are a dangerous and extreme group of fake conservationistd

  3. Ravalli County closed their woman’s health care clinic as well as cutting back on school funding etc….But hey, I guess killing predators is more important

  4. People who enjoy hurting and killing animals are psychopaths or sociopaths, and they don’t care if other people find what they do traumatizing, they will enjoy it all the more. They enjoy flaunting what they have, boasting, etc. that’s why they like trophies, like human serial killers.

    They are full of bullshit and lies, and we have to stop listening to them.

    I have a graphic for this but can’t post it here:

    Unintended Cattle Losses to Agribusiness (3.9 million) by Rank
    Cattle inventory equalled 94 million head [Data from NASS 2011]
    Respiratory problems 26%
    Unknown/unidentified health 18%
    Digestive problems 13%
    Calving problems 12%
    Weather 12%
    Diseases 5%
    Lameness/injury 4%
    Coyotes 3%
    Mastitis 2%
    Metabolic problems 2%
    Unknown/unidentified carnivores 0.9%
    Poisoning 0.9%
    Domestic dogs 0.6%
    Cougars, bobcats, and lynx 0.5%
    Theft 0.4%
    Vultures 0.3%
    Wolves 0.2%
    Bears 0.1%

    There are some excellent audios here and one of these links ought to work:

  5. When I say ‘hunters’ I do not include people who kill strictly to eat, as that is one thing but what trophy hunters and people who hunt for fun do is something else entirely. So called ‘hunters’ are among the biggest bullshitters, liars, manipulators and dishonest people you will ever meet. What ought one to expect from people who can think of nothing better to do with their excess funds but hurt and kill animals, not for need but for greed. Isn’t there enough suffering in the world anyway. They are sick people and it would be a big mistake to expect honesty and decency from those people. Do not believe a word they say.

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