Know thy Enemy, Do the Opposite

Part of the reason hunters get their way so often when it comes to “game management” decisions is that they don’t hesitate to make their wishes known to state agencies. Why should they, they’re all one in the same, right? But wildlife lawmakers are required to acknowledge all sides; the more input they get from the animals’ side, the harder it will be for them to act like hunters are the only one’s with a stake in the issues.

Here’s something posted on a hunting chat board promoting contest hunts that begs for an equal and opposite reaction from the coyote’s side…

Re: Important: Will WDFW make Coyote contests illegal?

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remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, keep the messages going…  :tup:
I would like to ask all hunters to take one minute and send a short friendly message to the Washington Wildlife Commission now. You should also ask friends, family members, and members of any sporting groups you belong to do the same
Here is a sample message, add an additional point or two if desired, but keep it short and friendly:.


Send To…. Subject….. I Support Coyote Hunting Contests
Dear WDFW Commissioners, I would like to express my strong support for coyote hunting contests. These contests provide a great deal of recreation for hunters across the state and much needed management of Washington’s undermanaged coyote population.
Thank you for your consideration, (your name & address here)


12 thoughts on “Know thy Enemy, Do the Opposite

  1. One of the big problems I see with “game managers” is their tendency to dismiss any suggestion of reducing or eliminating hunting quotas as coming from the “uneducated”, “over-emotional”, “bunny huggers” that don’t know what they are talking about, and can thus be ignored. Not only do non-hunters (and those of us who are over-educated and think animals are managed in too heavy-handed a fashion) need to make their voices heard, but they need to do it in a way that can’t just be dismissed by the “professionals.”

  2. The problem is that when we, who care about animals, attend these pre-determined, set-up “meetings” we do not realize who we are dealing with. These agencies were started for one reason only: to “use” the “resources” the “commodities” (wildlife) so enhance and promote hunting and trapping, and protect ranchers. That is why they exist. Instead of worrying about what they think of us–we should be ready to stand up tall, say what they do not want us to say, and say what they don’t want to hear. Some of the most volatile voices, “emotional” if you will, can be the hunters/trappers, ranchers, who will rant and rave about their “need” to kill. We need not go “hat in hand” to these meetings. Science means nothing to these good o’ boys. They need to hear our anger, our emotion, our disgust with them. We need to let them know their days are numbered, and they we are not going away. We need tell them they are animal serial killers and that we a force that will not go away, and that we will work to Abolish them. If we are escorted out, so be it. Usually some kind of “media” is there. Just think, if such action were organized in each state around The West, how disruptive these meeting might be–even if only for a few minutes. These Game agencies are worried, never fear. They know public opinion is growing against them. We need to speak forthe wolves, bears, coyotes, lynx, cougar, beaver, prairie dog & all the other victims who cannot be at these meetings. We are the Voices in the Wilderness.

  3. “These contests provide a great deal of recreation…..”

    Hunting is one thing, but a contest to kill as many animals as possible is just evil to my mind. We don’t live in the same kind of world as we did centuries, or even decades, ago – not that it was ever ethical then either. Back then, you could attribute it to ignorance, didn’t know any better – but today we do know better and we still want to kill! It shows that humans do enjoy killing as fun and recreation, no matter how they try to justify it by ‘managing overpopulation’, food, or any number of other rationalizations. My idea of fun and recreation is avidly reading these cretins’ endless frustration and the roadblocks to doing it, and chuckling at their poor spelling.

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