Bison and they said never again

END Trophy Hunting NOW

Bison 01

Bison 02Bison 03Bison 04Bison 08Bison 09Bison 10

Bison slaughters in Yellowstone over for season after almost 600 killed, removed

Yellowstone announces end to 2014 bison slaughter following one-man blockade

Yellowstone seeks information on illegal bison shootings

Killed and injured by men in helicopters for NO good reason

This year’s tragic bison slaughter in Yellowstone National Park, driven by Montana’s ranchers, has come to an end. It resulted in nearly 600 bison being killed or otherwise “removed” from their rightful home in Yellowstone National Park. 318 were shipped to slaughter or research facilities and more than 270 wild bison have been killed by state and treaty hunters just outside Yellowstone’s boundary in Montana.

Lawsuits are underway to grant bison to habitat north (the Montana Supreme Court just ruled in favor!) and west, outside of the park.  If you haven’t already, please send a letter to the Montana officials responsible for allowing or not intervening in this massacre:

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7 thoughts on “Bison and they said never again

  1. This photograph is reminiscent of those of what the Nazis did. When we consider what humanity is really capable of with destruction of life when we see photos such as this, it’s no wonder rational, thinking people become misanthropists.

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