Bill Maher to Hunters: ‘There’s Something Wrong With You’


March 27, 2014/

By Bill Maher

[By the way, the wild boars are escapees from canned hunting compounds, like the kind that raises deer and elk for fenced-in hunting that I posed on earlier.]

New Rule: If you’re delighted to take a life, there’s something wrong with you. This photo has gone viral on the Internet because, well, just look at the size of the wild boar Jett Webb bagged in the woods of North Carolina. That’s some specimen of a pig. And the boar’s pretty big too.

It’s an 8-foot, 500-pound beauty that just moments ago was roaming proudly in the wild, and now it’s dead and I’m holding up my gun and pressing my cock against it! “This might be the best day ever!”

Now, I don’t want to blame this guy too much, because I think, if you’re from rural North Carolina and you have a name like “Jett Webb,” you’d be hard pressed not to end up in a photo like this. Plus, it’s pointed out in the article that wild pigs are an invasive species and that North Carolina is being overrun by boars – just like “Fox and Friends.”

And I get the argument that “a man’s gotta eat” and that sometimes you have to take a life to feed yourself and your family – but shouldn’t it be more of a solemn occasion?

We kill people too, when we carry out executions, but afterwards the warden and guards don’t high-five and pose with the corpse. That’s what bothers me: the trophy aspect, the absolute glee, the beaming with pride. Get over yourself. You pointed at something, pushed a button, and it died.


The first comment to his blog, from Dominique Osh, is also worth reading:

You know, Hunters are sociopathic killers, simple as match criminal profilers analyze of sociopathic murders of life. There is no need to kill anything to survive these days. There is education available to even the most rural residents that humans do not need meat to survive, not only do they not need to eat meat, we are designed not to. There are many, many alternatives, most vegetables have more calcium and protein than fat laddened flesh, that science has proven to be harmful to human health, if that’s all you care about. And if you think that organic meat from your kills is better, there are many prions in meat that are eating your brains..haha, go figure,, really, CDC keeps quiet, because the Industrial Meat market does not want you to know these things, when some old man in AK has worms in his brains from eating pigs, or “Mad Cow” & Bird Flu disease isn’t transferable to humans..right..wink, wink..It is gross abomination to eat the flesh of any animal, humans are animals too, It’s cannibalism, a serious crime against nature that we will suffer from. EVOLVE!



17 thoughts on “Bill Maher to Hunters: ‘There’s Something Wrong With You’

  1. What a gorgeous animal. What the hell is that guy doing with an assault rifle? That is not a hunting rifle–unless you’re in Afghanistan or Iraq, Syria, Iran…you know, a soldier. Bill Maher is so right about these guys (and women) getting off on killing. There’s no pride to killing anything as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Those who excuse the hunting of non-humans for ANY reason are just as bad as those doing the killing, and the battle against this atrocity will never be won. Only when people who truly care about the other animals stop compromising on this issue, will we gain the respect of the silent majority who do not hunt, but do not actively oppose it. There is no “ethical or fair” hunting of any kind. It is another slick marketing tool used by the hunting industry to gain access to animal groups who are either too lazy or dumb to understand who they are up against. Or, perhaps some of these people in animal groups are really hunters themselves. Either way, the animals lose.

  3. Love Bill Mahr. Just tweeted this. We need to get this out to as many people as possible. This really does come down to a war between good and evil. The hunting lobby is very powerful and rich. There lies the problem. Wildlife Services, a division of the Dept of Ag, their wildlife extermination dept. uses assault weapons in our neighborhoods. This is only one part of their arsenal. Poison, aerial shooting, trapping and more are all sanctioned by our government and our tax dollars pay their salaries. We need to ramp things up. None of our wildlife is safe from the power mongers who live to kill. Everyone needs to have a video camera on hand at all times so that we can continue to expose to the world these evil, sick barbarians. They are destroying our planet and all of god’s creatures, and all that is good, and sooner or later life as we know it will end.

  4. Given the opportunity I’m sure this man would hunt humans. For the thrill. Life means nothing to people like him. He probably has a home full of guns in the hope that someone will try and rob him so he can legally take their life.
    Why would anyone be allowed a gun like that if they aren’t in uniform?

  5. Using an assault weapon to mow down wildlife is the epitome of bad sportsmanship and lack of skill – any fool can hit something. But, if someone were to break into his home, threaten his family with violence and with the intent of taking what isn’t theirs, then I would give this man a high-five.

  6. If there are feral hogs tilling your property, kicking up dust, don’t get mad at the animals for doing what comes natural to them, kick the shit out of a hunter. Hunters brought these animals here, and they continue to breed them on sport hunting ranches, truck them across state lines and release them (illegally) into the wild.

  7. Thank you Jim, and well said by everyone else too! We need to own our outrage of these genocidal murder’ers and stop this insanity once and for all! This is where the politics come in on the hunting, the NRA pays the politicians to keep hunting groups strong within our own gov. infrastructure, we need money out of politics period to stop this. No one needs a membership to the NRA to own a gun for protection for those of you that insist on the gun rights, so no problem, vote money out of politics, and find out who in your area is anti hunting and who is pro hunting, and vote for the right candidate to get things changed, it’s the best power we have, outside of taking a hunting trip ourselves on the rabid humans that kill…although, I could definitely do it, I will choose not to.

  8. I used to want to try and understand the mentality of sub humans who take pleasure in such things – but as I grew older, I found that no I don’t. I don’t want that kind of violence, the illness of mind or coldness of heart in my space. I think that even if I put a camera in this idiots hands to replace his weapon of choice, it would not help to change his mind or wake him up to the reality of what he is doing. There is something seriously wrong with these people – they are from all walks of dis-functional life belonging to a club that is dangerous to this planet and all who live on her !

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