Petition to stop the slaughter of ravens in Idaho

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a small news article explaining that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game had received a permit from the United State Dept. of Agriculture (I think it was Ag) to kill 4000 ravens. This is proposed under the guise of protecting the sage-grouse, which, I believe, is being added to the endangered species list. The sage-grouse does need protection but here’s the problem. There are 19 factors that have caused their populations to decline, most the result of human activity. Predation by other creatures is #12 and ravens are the only ones that have been singled out, although there are many. Killing ravens will do little if anything at all to mitigate the problems the sage-grouse face.

I was so upset that I took it on myself to create a petition and I hope some of you will consider signing it.

There is a bias among many people against ravens and crows–their voices are not lyrical and some people see them as bullies or as symbols of evil. But recent studies show that they are among the most intelligent creatures on earth and actually may be the most intelligent. They have complex societies, young stay with their parents for years and they even have a ritual that humans would call a funeral when one of their own dies. Killing 4000 of these remarkable birds will reverberate through their community for generations.

You’ll find my petition here:…-4000-ravens/#

And just so you know, I have NO financial or professional interest in this. It is a simple act of love. I have long adored ravens and crows. And Edgar Allen Poe, too.

Big huge thanks to all who take the time to sign.

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Photo Copyright Jim Robertson


36 thoughts on “Petition to stop the slaughter of ravens in Idaho

  1. They also have a symbiotic relationship with wolves, which as we know, these idiots hate and want to destroy anything to do with wolves – even stealing roadkill from wildlife. Complete and utter idiots who wouldn’t know science if it jumped up and bit them. I’ll sign and share with pleasure.

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  3. These evil states craft plans to explode the population numbers of sage grouse so it won’t be added to the threatened and endangered species list, therefore the slaughter of ravens, another scapegoat, when ranchers cattle are actually the main threat to the grouse. Am I reading this right, are these people deranged?

  4. Leave all the animals alone and let nature take care. We should all be ashamed that we can’t find ways to coexist with our fellow earthlings. Let’s share.

  5. It is not only a serious shame, that Butch Otter is allowed to represent the United States in any official capacity at all, but CRIMINAL!. LIAR about every single reason, for every single life he has wanted killed in his whole State….Not only are Ravens partners and fed by wolves, but Ravens have more intelligence than a lot of human beings do…especially considering intelligence of officials and killers for fun in Idaho…What next, every families cats…dogs…squirrels…butterflies? I’m not joking; I am being serious…Killers such as these won’t stop killing,even if they kill every little speck of wildlife in Idaho; no longer will they be able to cope with “not” killing..they will have to continue to kill …something that breathes and moves…..

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  7. You know, the more I see these barbaric plans, these inHUMANe plans of solving these “problemed” animals I have to ask myself “where did we go wrong?” Would we ever, as a society, accept the killing of humans who were jeapordizing the survival of other species. (We would be killing a lot of humans, very frequently and across the globe.) Thankfully the answer is no. And so it is time we act in a HUMANe way and end these speciesist actions.

  8. Dear sir, many thanks for your wonderful article and gorgeous photo! Hopefully, with more information about the Corvid species available online and especially in the social media, people will become familiar with the beauty and intelligence of these birds, and therefore more inclined to help conserve them rather than destroy. As for the minority of humans who prefer their primitive ‘if it moves kill it’ mentality, it will be hard to alter their ideas, but not impossible! Petition signed n shared. 🙂

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