18 thoughts on “Leaked documents reveal SeaWorld is drugging its orcas

  1. Are u effing kidding me????? And why can’t I comment on the Orcas and Seaworld???? This is like the hunter/jumper show horse world I’m involved in. Forget free will, forget animals individuation or respecting fellow beings, just drug the fuck out of them and keep going with the show. Vomit!!! Puke!!!

  2. Oh no. How evil can we be. Just when you think humanity can sink no further, there’s always lower. Sickening! I hope this is it for SeaWorld and good riddance.

  3. It’s so they won’t become aggressive. I just hope they don’t drown. This has to come to and end; these animals are not meant to be kept in such awful captivity, and entertain idiots.

  4. No , very believable. We have spent all our time as humans with animals, until very recently. This behavior is unconscionable, 2-dimensional , and evil. Holy shit!!?!!!

    • I just worry that they really don’t know the long-term effects of these drugs on marine mammals, and as in humans, there’s the very real possibility of central nervous system depression and drowning. Nor do they care as long as they rake in the bucks. It’s very sad. I hope Anheuser-Busch cuts SeaWorld loose very soon.

      • Oops, they did cut them loose. Their sleazy, bottom-feeding (apologies to all the fish and crusaceans, et al!), nothing-to-low-for lobbyist Wetch is threatening to undermine the California bill. They make me want to puke.

      • O PLEASE!! Wake up and and smell the coffee. They know and they don’t give a flying fuck–c’mon, wake up!!! Everyone knows–jeez!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There’s more experience with land mammals and domestic pets than with marine mammals. I repeat: they don’t know the full effects, and they don’t care to know. You give them way too much credit, or you have too much confidence in drugs. If the California legislature doesn’t have the balls to stand up to this outfit, then I hope the visitors will stay away in droves.


  6. I am absolutely horrified by this. Like humans, not every animal reacts predictably to medications. Some animals can die despite doing everything by the book. Articles are also saying the ‘trainers’ are administering the drugs. With humans’ ‘if a little is good, more is better’ philosophy for just about anything, I fear for these poor animals. Articles are saying that SeaWorld’s sleazy lobbyist formerly worked for BP. Need we say more?

  7. I don’t know why but it doesn’t surprise me at all. An orca is not supposed to be nice and friendly from the beginning. And i always thought that they were too calm, especially given the facts that they live in a zoo.

    I can’t imagine what it would be to live that kind of life… Stupid humans!

  8. I know that animals are sometimes given sedatives prior to surgeries, to calm them when they are traveling to a strange place or moving, or for treatment of seizures. But to keep them on tranquilizers is unethical and dangerous. As with anything, there are good, ethical vets and bad, unethical ones. Surely to have to go to this extreme to keep animals in captivity simply to entertain people is unethical.

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