URGENT: Speak Out Against Raccoon Torture Event!

URGENT: Speak Out Against Raccoon Torture Event!

Wildlife Photography Copyright Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography Copyright Jim Robertson

This Saturday, April 12, Leslie County, Kentucky, is reportedly holding “Coon on a Log” races! These sadistic events (apparently sponsored by the sheriff’s department this year) involve setting frantic dogs loose upon caged raccoons who have been hauled across bodies of water and perched on tiny rafts. Imagine the terror that these wild animals experience as they are snatched from their families, held captive, and then forced to endure this hellish ordeal repeatedly. A spectator at last year’s event says that the dogs are allowed to “bite at” the raccoons, who are sometimes “knocked into the water” and “pulled back up to go another round.” The spectator said that one raccoon was even “bleeding and near death.”

Please urge Leslie County officials to search their hearts and help end this barbaric practice for good. Also ask them to transfer all trapped animals used in this year’s event to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Then please forward this alert far and wide!

Sign petition here: https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5415&login=true&utm_campaign=Raccoon%20Torture&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=Alert




8 thoughts on “URGENT: Speak Out Against Raccoon Torture Event!

  1. Find something constructive to do. Volunteer at an animal or homeless shelter. Help someone out……clean up some trash…….stop embarrassing yourselves with all this medieval thinking.

      • I’m pretty sure Jessica was commenting to the raccoon-killers, not to the people who put out this petition. If I thought it was from a hunter or one of their apologists, I would have zapped her comment before it ever reached here. People often use this forum to express what their feelings towards hunters and other animal abusers. It might sound like they’re directing it to me, but since she mentioned “medieval thinking,” I assume you are directing it to hunters.

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