15 thoughts on “Speaking of Psychophic Trophy Hunters…

  1. My Soul will cry FOREVER for this dead wolf, and all the other animals that have endured…& will endure, such a cruel fate at the hands of pathetic and evil humans. Wolves are incredibly beautiful, intelligent and VITAL to the Eco-System, right?!
    How is it not a crime that they must also be subjected to the indignity of being POSED after their lives’ are snuffed out?
    I am sorry to rant, but NO photo disturbs me as much as seeing my favorite animal, my Totem Animal, The Wolf…gone!
    Some of us work so hard to protect them, and this…I’m undone.

    • I am as heartbroken as you are.
      And there are no words to describe the depth of my disgust in our moribund and now hopelessly corrupt political system in which there seems to be no legal way to protect these magnificent creatures. Psychopaths in public service and their fellow deviants in the field such as the bimbo in the picture above have created an atmosphere of depression and hopelessness these days.

      • You said it. “Psychopaths in public service and their fellow deviants in the field.” The law NONenforcement officers around here (Grant County, New Mexico) only exist to make excuses and justifications for bloodthirsty psychopaths, while spending taxpayers’ money harassing and threatening innocent people trying desperately to protect themselves and their family. The corruption is off the scale.

  2. I live in Idaho, and unfortunately I don’t have to use my imagination. There’s an overpopulation of bloodthirsty gun-totin’ psychos here. Actually, even one equates to overpopulation in my view.

  3. What is it with killing? I just don’t understand this blood thirsty lust for snuffing out innocent lives. If that girl felt strongly about killing, she should kill herself.

    Recently, I almost hit a wild turkey on the highway and I was sick to my stomach. I don’t even know if I could kill for food. Honestly — the whole concept of killing sickens me. And that b*tch is smiling?! I don’t get it. I’ll never get it. One less wolf for us to enjoy/appreciate. Great.

  4. It’s murder.
    How is it not?
    They don’t speak English or a language we understand and walk on 4 legs instead of 2 so we can kill them?
    Why is this ok?
    They are better than us they are incredibly intelligent sustainably living beings and helping the earth. So we kill them? We are a problem we must be the aliens .. We are so lame in our ways of over population and non sustainability, just devouring the earth.
    They are my heroes .. These wild ones who keep it all beautiful …

  5. We need direct action on these people. If you see a trap destroy it. Unfortunately we cannot destroy these so called ‘hunters’ on site.

    • YES, if animal’s had malice in THEIR hearts and thoughts, we would surely be Satans…Demons…just EVIL. But they’re PURE. Beyond sad. Disgraceful.
      BTW, what freaks me out- I’m pretty sure that smile ISN’T forced.

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