Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

If there’s one thing trolls can’t stand, it’s being ignored. Every few days someone trolls this anti-hunting site and tries to infest it with their pro-killing comments.

But the old adage that there are two sides to every coin doesn’t carry any weight here. Oh sure, a killer has the right to rationalize murder all he wants, but it doesn’t mean anyone has to listen to him.

Today’s troll wanted to argue the alleged merits of the shooting (or, in their words, “bagging”) of the “world record” grizzly bear. I’m sorry, but nothing anyone can say can justify that crime; commenting here to argue otherwise is just a waste of everyone’s time.

As I’ve said many times before, pro-hunters should read the About page so they won’t get frustrated when their comments go unheard. The fact is, sport hunting disgusts us and nothing any troll could ever come up with could change that.


9 thoughts on “Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

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  2. I agree 200%. I used to reply to these idiots but the only good that ever came of it was nothing and my blood pressure would soar to off the charts. I finally realized that the best thing to do is ignore. Bullies hate being ignored. It’s no fun unless they have an audience. Reminds me of when the KKK came to Cleveland and no one showed up for their rally.

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