Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Public trust doctrine can point DNR in new direction

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

Today’s Madravenspeak is Part 2 of an analysis of the Public Trust Doctrine as a democratizing factor in fighting for democratic reform of state agencies funded on killing licenses as they expand killing exponentially, dropping prices for killing licenses to bargain basement. Trapping will take out the rest of our wildlife for the 1.3 billion Chinese and Russian newly rich. We must stop them now!! The courts are the only place to change course. Please do your part by networking the Madravenspeak column and sharing it on your social network sites and email lists!



Re-examination of the Public Trust Doctrine (Part 2)

“Amid the psychoses of modern times, we are suicidally exploiting the earth and our neighbors. If we are to survive, we must reclaim the reverence for life made possible by the human imagination.” ~ Chris Hedges, 2014

In 1968, legal scholar Joseph Sax joined a fight against…

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