15 thoughts on “The Wrath of God

  1. Yes, for our treatment of the animals, we are going straight to hell in a hand basket… this is brilliant….thank you!!!! Too bad the ministers, pastors, rabbis, imans and so-called ‘spiritual’ don’t the f*ck get this…. I only know of one fur-free, meat-free, animal liberation-promoting church in the world…. and it was sued!!! What a wonderful f*cking mentality….

      • Hi dear Beth… yes, this was my beloved (now deceased) mother’s church in Huntington (Long Island) NY… a Unity church. This was in the early 1980s, we had just been introduced to Animal Rights through PETA –having met Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco, Dr. Tom Regan, Prof. Gary Francione and other notable people in the movement. My mother was brave enough to declare the ministry a FurFreeZone; we carried all the educational animal literature to expose people to what the animals endured at our hands, made cruelty-free products available; Tom Regan spoke at the ministry (and showed his video ‘We Are All Noah’ and posed the question that if the churches, temples, mosques did not teach this message of compassion (for starters!), who would teach it? The main expose video at that time was ‘Unnecessary Fuss’ and we played that at an educational weekend…. It was not long and all of our congregants left the ministry and got in touch with the Unity headquarters –who seemed to forget that Unity was founded on the principles of vegetarianism!– and a law suit ensued for ‘not doing our fiduciary responsibility’…?? I guess teaching love and compassion was ‘not doing our fiduciary responsibility’… Later we learned that a temple in Israel also declared themselves ‘FurFree’ and one of our congregants who had stormed out who did read that in the NY Times, called to say ‘you were ahead of the times’. It was a little too late, as we were forced to close the ministry, but I take heart in knowing that we spoke for the animals and what seemed so outlandish (Animal Rights) in the early 1980s, is now at least a term all are familiar with.

        Beth, thanks so much for asking! And all the best to you, dear Beth.

      • Hi Carol – Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Reading about your mom is very inspiring. Of course, reading about the law suit is infuriating and despairing. I am glad to know of your mom and this animal-liberation church.

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