Info on Wildlife Services Sought‏


Do You Have Information We Can Use?

June 11th, 2014 by Anja Heister

Call for Information from You about USDA Wildlife Services (USDA WS)

Wildlife Services (WS), a branch of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a budget of more than $100 million and they use it – to kill millions of wild animals every year – at least 4 million animals in 2013, half of whom were native.  See graphics here.

Among the animal victims tortured and killed by USDA WS are tens of thousands of prairie dogs, coyotes, beavers, Canada geese; thousands of white-tailed deer; hundreds of black bears, great blue herons, bobcats, mountain lions, gray wolves, among many others.

How many articles exposing the cruel methods employed by this rouge agency, including aerial gunning, poisoning, gassing, shooting, and trapping wild animals, does it take to force this agency into using existing nonlethal methods for the management of wild animals?

How many leaked complaints about WS employees, including (but not limited to) trappers, like Jamie Olson, who encouraged his dogs to attack trapped, already-suffering coyotes, while on the clock, does it take to achieve substantive disciplinary actions against these rogue agents and achieve accountability for inhumane treatment of wild animals?

How many petitions by animal/wildlife protection organizations, and efforts by Representatives, like Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), does it take to prompt a congressional review and reform of this atrocious agency that DeFazio has described as, “one of the most opaque and obstinate departments I’ve dealt with.”

What We Need From You:

If you have had any negative experiences with USDA WS agents, please let us know. For example, a woman in NYC told us last year that WS agents, who were rounding up geese in one of the city’s parks to either gas or send to a slaughterhouse, were trying to intimidate her verbally and through posturing. Please contact if you know (and have proof) of any cruel acts against animals USDA WS may have committed in your community, or if you have had any negative interactions with any of WS agents. We will start tracking this information to increase pressure for a reform of this taxpayer-funded, animal killing, government agency. We will keep your personal information confidential.

Thanks for your help!

4 thoughts on “Info on Wildlife Services Sought‏

  1. I really hope this request reaches millions! Few people have the slightest clue who these monsters are and what they do. I have just received my FOIA from WS in regard to their deer slaughters conducted in the city of Solon OH for the last 3 years. I will post here all findings once I read through it slowly and carefully. One thing I noticed right away is that the majority killed were fawns 5 months old. One of the most important question I asked was the list of weaponry used. That question was not answered so I will pursue that. Reliable sources have told me that they do use assault weapons. I’m sure the people in Solon would want to know if assault weapons were being used in their neighborhoods.
    They have now jumped on the deer slaughter wagon since it is very lucrative these days and another animal they can kill to keep the money coming in.

  2. Forgot to add that my FOIA took SEVEN months before I got the response. They also used a privacy loophole to get out of answering the names of cooperators. Surprisingly they did reveal the names of the agents who did the killing. Not sure if this will do any good but here are the names. Jeff Pelc, Tommy Butler, Jon Cepak who is high up but can’t remember his title, Andy Montoney who is the OH director, Josh Hoblet, Randy Outward who I found on FB and he is one of their biostitutes, Craig Hicks, Tara Baranowski, Cliff Caldwell, Eric Householder, Chris Bartholomew, John Paul Seman, Bobby Hromack, Tom Keller, Dave Helon, Caleb Wellmon and sharpshooter, Rebecca Mihalco. This is a really large number of shooters. More money to be paid!

  3. I don’t have a personal experience but want to point out a very easy fact to check….despite killing about 6,000 Canada geese in NYC since 2009, there is no change in the number of goose strikes reported at La Guardia or JFK Airport. According to the FAA Birdstrike Data base there were 0-3 reported at each airport in the years before and after. This means they have not cut down on goose strikes nor are they saving airlines money in damage. Yet they are already rounding up geese for this year again. There is absolutely no science to support their propaganda that killing resident geese ‘keeps planes safe’. It’s so much BS. They are simply lying through their teeth about this. They are also rounding up geese in Cherokee, Idaho this year….there have only been two reported goose plane strikes there since the 90s- both with minimal damage. Last year it was a crop spraying plane. It is just about unbelievable how they are getting away with this garbage.

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