Appeals Court Rules That Hounders Are Able To “Train” Their Dogs Against Wolves…….The Fix Is In

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin. This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

**UPDATED 7/10/2014 4:45 PM**

According to a wildlife advocate that spoke with Wisconsin DNR Carnivore Biologist Dave McFarland, today’s court ruling means that there are ZERO rules for “training” with dogs against wolves and that hounders can now use their dogs against them 365 days a year. You read that right. Hounders as of now can pit their dogs against wolves with ZERO restrictions year round. Don’t we live in a lovely state? 

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse for wildlife in the Blood Sport Capital of the United States, Wisconsin, it does. A lawsuit filed in 2012 by a coalition of humane societies and wildlife advocates attempted to stop the barbaric use of dogs against wolves during the yearly kill season. The use of dogs was written into the disgusting 2012 Wisconsin Bear Hunter Association authored bill that…

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8 thoughts on “Appeals Court Rules That Hounders Are Able To “Train” Their Dogs Against Wolves…….The Fix Is In

  1. We had to have people who were willing to work with us in partnership, and be willing to help us and advise us along the way in implementing state law.”

    Translation: We want people who will push hunting without those pesky wolf advocates limiting us and getting in the way.

    This woman is totally unqualified for her position and should be thrown out.

    I hope that when these cretins lose their dogs in a dog fight or have a dog that is severely injured, that they don’t come to the taxpayers for money. They’re on their own. I doubt that they care about their dogs’ welfare, and this should be a crime.

  2. Wolf “management” by state wildlife agencies is a fatal flaw for balanced ecology. The crux of the problem, I think, in Midwestern and western states is that the state wildlife agencies are too wedded to hunters and trappers in game management, too wedded to license fees, and essentially too much alike in their thinking and values. If you put hunters, trappers, and most wildlife officials in the same room, you could not tell one yokel (redneck) from another. To them animals are recreational killing opportunities with the added benefit of game meat, fur, or trophies. They are generally hateful of predators, especially the wolf, and regarding the wolf they buy into the folklore, lies and myths about game herd decimation and the need to minimize them so that they can game farm for more recreational killing opportunities. None of them, including the state wildlife agencies see the value of wolves and predators in a healthy balanced ecology that benefits all including their ignorant butts. The value of wildlife viewing, monetary and aesthetic, is lost on them, they in their self-centered way, do not care. The challenge of conservation organizations, if we are to have a balanced representation of predators, i.e. the wolf in these states is to realign wildlife viewing dollars and tourism into state wildlife agencies and overshadow hunting licences. The basic challenge is how do we get state wildlife agencies to manage wildlife and wilderness in a balanced way with a primary emphasis on wildlife and habitat rather than game farming for hunters and encroachment by ranchers and farmers on public land.

  3. We need to make public over and over again the barbarism of hunting, game farming, predator persecution by hunters and state game agencies, and the total barbarism of trapping. The public is largely ignorant and unfortunately indifferent though.

  4. If everyone went vegan, a huge bogus excuse for this extermination of wildlife would no longer exist. And it’s so very sad when loyal dogs are brainwashed into acting out their captors’ monstrous behaviors, against their own wild cousins. People can be such lowdown, evil fools. Wisconsin turns out to be extremely exemplary of that.

    PA: To all fellow animal lovers: Thank you for being here…many sleepless hours are made sightly better by knowing you’re all out there. You give the strength to go on.

  5. Hunters with experience with dogs tracking wolves during coyote hunts told the agency they had never seen any violent encounters and wolves typically try to outrun the dogs.

    This is a blatant lie. Talk about self-serving legislation. Is anybody from the judges on down not corrupt in WI? There are photos on the internet where hunters have complained about their dogs being attacked, and they have submitted information to the state for reimbursements for dogs lost to wolves. Did they lie about their dogs being hurt to collect money, or are they lying about the violent encounters?

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