10 thoughts on “Hunter’s Dictionary

  1. Perfect! The definitions are right on. Today I am going to Trooper the deer’s birthday party in Mt. Vernon OH. You may remember the story about this deer and his caretaker, Carol Deyo who was gravely ill and whose property was invaded one dark night by the ODNR (we need a definition for them) saying that they were going to kill Trooper and her rescued raccoons that she had saved from a storm drain in the nick of time. They were newborn babies. Thankfully a good lawyer saved Trooper and he will be living out his life at the farm. Sadly Carol passed away recently. Her Dr. thinks the stress from her nightmare put her recovery in reverse and sped up her sickness and death. I’m sure you all heard about the more recent horror with Baby the deer who has been living in Vermilion OH. Her caretaker has a rescue called St. Francis and she rescues hardship cases that no one else will take. She is living in limbo not knowing whether the gestapo will return to kill Baby. Carol’s dying wish is that we pass Trooper’s Law so that rehabbers and caretakers can once again take care of Deer and Raccoons in OH. Today is also the kick off campaign party. We WILL do this!!

  2. I’m often flabbergasted by the way hunters will justify their actions. Do these imbeciles actually believe that killing animals will enhance our environment by cutting down the population. Or even just as sick to feel they’re being true competitors by slaying defenseless prey.
    Stop hiding behind God and country. The majority of hunters are nothing more than weak, cold blooded Killers!

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