My Letter to Senator Baldwin and a Message To Anti-Willdife Democrats

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife


Last week the Wilderness Act and wildlife partially dogged a bullet when the disgusting “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act” was voted down in the United States Senate. This rancid bill was put forward by Senate Democrats in the hope that vulnerable “red state” Democrats would get support from the gun and killing obsessed citizens in their respective states. The bill would have essentially gutted many Wilderness Act protections by allowing sport hunting, trapping, shooting ranges, and hunter/trapper “access” to many wilderness lands not currently open to wildlife killing. The bill would have also forbade the EPA from regulating the highly destructive and poisonous lead in bullets and fishing lures. Finally, in what may have been the most disgusting element of the bill, it would have allowed the importation of polar bears killed by trophy hunters in Canada prior to ESA protections being established in 1997. All of these odious elements fly in…

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4 thoughts on “My Letter to Senator Baldwin and a Message To Anti-Willdife Democrats

  1. Is this the 3rd woman democratic politician (Hagan, Baldwin, Caldwell) to court the hunter/trapper/NRA redneck vote? The 3rd ti be at the forefront of this travesty of the unsportsmen act? None of whom are huntresses? What is going on here? Is it just courting the redneck vote? I am sure there are many democratic men corruptible politicians with little or no integrity in getting the vote of rednecks, but is this a new strategy of getting the “fair sex” to be tb
    he van guard?

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