Wildlife: Denali wolf packs hammered by hunting

Summit County Citizens Voice

sdfg Wolves draw tourists to Denali National Park.

Death of breeding wolves affects pack size and persistence

Staff Report

FRISCO — Following a steep drop in the Denali National Park wolf population, biologists have documented how the death of breeding wolves affects pack size and persistence. The number of wolves in the 6million acre park in Alaska dropped from 143 in the fall of 2007 to just 55 wolves in the spring of 2013, raising concerns about impacts to tourism.

Many visitors come to Denali with the expectation of seeing wolves, but a recent state decision to allow wolf hunting in area previously deemed a buffer zone has had a big impact on wolf numbers. According to the latest research, the death of a breeding wolf sometimes results in a wolfpack disbanding.

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8 thoughts on “Wildlife: Denali wolf packs hammered by hunting

  1. Stupid is as stupid does! Why are hunters and trappers allowed within 50 miles of Parks, refuges? Why does hunting and trapping, extreme minority activites, trump wildlife conservation and wildlife viewing? Are conservation and wildlife viewers not politically powerful, viable? We are not being heard.

  2. 55 wolves is not that many for a large wilderness like Denali! If this decline continues, there could end up being to few wolves to even have any effect on the ecosystem! I’m tired of these state game agencies and their puppet masters anti predator agenda!

  3. There have been some vile hunters baiting wolves outside Denali. The Interior Dept. has been asked to come up with protections for wolves around the Park. Let’s see if they do their job instead of galavanting all around the country promoting hunting, bemoaning the loss of the symbols of manifest destiny, promoting trammeling the wilderness, and things that really aren’t the purview of the Interior Dept.

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