17 thoughts on “Urgent: Comment Against MT Fur Farm

  1. Love of money. ….such greed that you DESTROY life. Find something constructive to do. Absolutely NO fur farms.

  2. Sent the email and commented on the state’s site; here’s hoping thousands of others do too and that this thing is killed before it buds. This Schultz family really must be a flock of monsters. Not to mention those “clients” who keep them in business.

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  4. NO FUR farms – no where – not ever…. Human are regressing back years instead of progressing… Stop this insanity…

  5. As a citizen of Montana I am urging you to not allow fur farms. Montana is a progressive state which must ensure our decisions represent the educated masses.

  6. OMG, this is horrific! The torture and the pain these animals feels defies anything I can imagine and anyone who does this is a MONSTER! Please stop this now!

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