The Washington Wolf Dilemna

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Huckleberry pups, June 2012 Huckleberry pups, June 2012. Photo from WDFW website.

It’s a disconcerting deja vu. Two years ago we fought hard to prevent the killing of the Wedge pack for their supposed role in livestock depredations. But the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Department (WDFW) ignored public opinion as they spent over $76,000 in a full scale war against the Wedge pack wolves, killing seven of its members.

An OPD article dated November 14, 2012 quotes WDFW spokesperson Madonna Luers as saying, “Our director (Phil Anderson) has said that he never wants to do this again… The social acceptance is just not there.”

Mr. Anderson must have forgotten making this statement because now the Huckleberry pack is being targeted under his authorization. One member, reportedly a pup, has been shot already and three more are in the scopes.

I spoke today with Bob Ferris, Executive Director of Cascadia Wildlands about the issue. Bob…

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2 thoughts on “The Washington Wolf Dilemna

  1. Re: The Huckleberry Wolf Pack in WA and their management (WDFW), and 1800 sheep on rugged mountainous land, sheep depredation and decision for lethal management action on public land: This amounts to wolf baiting. There is very low likelihood that these sheep, this many on public land can be maaged without essentially baiting wolves by their presence. We are not going to have balanced ecology with wolves or grizzlies if we do not halt this continuing encroachment. Ranchers, maybe the most entitled thinkers on earth continue eating up pubic land for a pittance and have the gull to complain about wildlife. Lethal management on public land should be prohibited. There is an unholy alliance of the traditional anit-wolf crowd of hunters and ranchers and state wildlife agencies, groups parochial and and biased and actually ignorant, their heads full of folklore and myth and lies, when it comes to balanced ecology

  2. Many thanks, Roger, for your wise words. I think of these ranchers, hunters, trappers and state/federal “wildlife” agencies as one big Enemy, the most glaring example of our species’ addiction to our Humanist ideologies, which is at the core of our planetary destruction. Until we break this addiction to Humanism, there is no hope, I’m afraid. The Wild doe not have much time left, as the destruction by homo sapiens increases daily: it is the Ultimate Domestication of Planet Earth.

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