Grizzly involved in fatal attack on hunter will stay in K-Country with cub

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald September 11, 2014

Grizzly involved in fatal attack on hunter will stay in K-Country with cub

Richard Cross was killed by a grizzly bear in Kananaskis Country on the weekend. Officials have decided against destroying the bear responsible for his death, ruling it a defensive attack.

Photograph by: Facebook photo , Calgary Herald

A grizzly bear that killed a sheep hunter in Kananaskis Country on the weekend will be left in the area with her cub, after it was ruled a defensive attack.

On the weekend, Calgarian Rick Cross was walking alone along the Picklejar Creek trail when he was attacked and killed by the bear.

“It was definitely a defensive attack, not a predatory one,” said Glenn Naylor, district conservation officer with Kananaskis Country. “That was the main decision-making factor, but we have to look at all of the evidence and all possible scenarios first.

“The evidence clearly points to the fact that he out of the blue encountered this situation and the chain of events that happened pretty quickly.”

Cross was hunting for big horn sheep Saturday, but didn’t return home that night as expected. His family reported him missing to police Sunday morning and a search began immediately.

Officers found his backpack and rifle Sunday, but had to call off the search as darkness fell and bears were still in the area. They found his remains not far from his belongings a day later.

Naylor said the evidence shows that the bear responded defensively, both because of its cub and a freshly killed deer carcass in the area.

“It attacked Mr. Cross and the result was tragic. He was killed,” he said. “After he was no longer a threat, the bear left him alone. He wasn’t touched again.”

That led biologists with both Alberta Parks and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to rule it a defensive attack.

“That was the conclusion that was arrived at by everyone,” he said, noting other options would have been to capture and relocate the bear, or destroy it.

Naylor said provincial officials have met with the Cross family about their decision to leave it alone.

“They were appreciative of all of our efforts,” he said. “They had no problem with the result.”

Kim Titchener, program director at Bow Valley WildSmart, said it’s the decision she expected.

“They have a great reputation for doing what’s right for wildlife and what’s right for public safety,” she said. “That bear isn’t a threat. She was doing what bears do.”

The Picklejar area will remain closed until the bear and her cub are finished feeding on the deer carcass.


10 thoughts on “Grizzly involved in fatal attack on hunter will stay in K-Country with cub

    • Now they should apply the same logic when they think about all of the seals they bludgeon to death every year in Canada. There is no Enlightenment there. Same country though.

  1. I read this article many times, and every time I cry because I live in a disgraceful Country 😦 On august 15th an imbecile went out to search for mushrooms, he found a Mama Bear (Daniza) with her two cubs. Everybody knows that you can meet wild animals in the wild, and the first rule is: don’t touch me, go away! My Dad taught me to leave them alone when I was 4 years old, but that idiot got close to the cubs and reported an attack. Obviously he’s a liar, he showed his scratches (even a kitten would have been worse) like a trophy, he wasn’t even fined! It was just an excuse, on Sept 11th Daniza was killed. Her 2 cubs are now in danger, they are only 8 months old and risk to die or to be encaged. Other Bears were killed (shot) or kept imprisoned. May all hunters and farmers get extincted, may ALL animals be safe.
    Sorry for venting Jim, but my heart is bleeding 😥

  2. Reblogged this on Smitten Fifty and commented:
    On this issue, Canada got it right – and the family of the killed hunter agreed. Progressive thinking – trying that here in the US – the idiot BLM and Fish and Wildlife directors would poop in their own Neanderthal pants…

  3. Loss of life is terrible but it started with this man hunting a sheep obviously for trophy….not food. You take a chance when go “into” their home. The bear was only doing what bears do & we need to be mindful of this! I lived in harmony with a Mother bear up north,never having any problems with her because I respected her territory & her behavior which is….being a bear. She would pass through my yard with me sitting in it,never touching any of my three dogs. We must remember we are in their home & they act as they should. I’ve had people wanting to shoot her…just in case to which I commented,”How would you like someone to enter your home with a gun? Well isn’t that what you are doing to her?” I also lived in harmony with the wolves etc…..who also never bothered my dogs or me. I’m glad she being allowed to live as she should. If we start killing every animal out of fear,there will be none left. Sorry for the families loss but I would feel the same as I do even if it happened in my family.

    I’m glad they made the decision to leave her be…….she also has a family.

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