FoA’s Civil Disobedience Action for Wild Horses

Wild Horse Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Wild Horse Photo Copyright Jim Robertson

Monday, Sept 22, 10:30 a.m. Rock Springs, Wyoming-Press Advised to Call for Embargoed Details

In Wyoming 179 wild horses have been ripped from their families and rounded up this week-three have died as a result – due to the Bureau of Land Management’s criminal reign of terror, and hundreds more are set to be brutally removed off the land and imprisoned in barren holding facilities where many are then “adopted” and end up in slaughterhouses. Friends of Animals has had enough of the agency stealing horses from public lands and will organize a protest/civil disobedience action 10:30 a.m., Monday, Sept. 22, in Rock Springs at a location to be disclosed to media upon request.

Edita Birnkrant, Friends of Animals’ Campaign Director says, “We refuse to allow the BLM to operate without disruption while these sadistic roundups are occurring, so we’re showing up at a location we will disclose early Monday morning to loudly protest and do civil disobedience actions that will make it impossible for BLM staff to ignore. Our actions and resistance will represent the millions of Americans disgusted at the obscene actions the BLM is committing against wild horses, all to benefit cattle ranchers who want all wild horses dead. We will have a bullhorn, lots of surprises in store for the BLM employees committing crimes against wild horses. We’re taking our outrage to the scene of these crimes and to those directly responsible-the BLM.”

This week also marked the deadline for when U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had to respond to Friends of Animals’ petition to list North American wild horses on public lands as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the best hope for the survival of wild horses in Wyoming and other states since the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act (WHBA), which was passed in 1971, has failed to protect our wild horses.

“In light of BLM’s intention to virtually wipe-out Wyoming’s remaining wild horse population, the time is now for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to respond to our petition to place these animals on the list of endangered or threatened species,” said FoA’s Wildlife Law Program Director Michael Harris.

“With one agency-the BLM-already failing the horses, we ask USFWS to treat the situation in Wyoming as an emergency requiring immediate action. And given the strong evidence that wild horses are a distinct population of a reintroduced North American native species, they clearly deserve our protection.”

While such crimes have been going on for years, the roundups in Wyoming are particularly egregious as they will eliminate almost all wild horses from Wyoming. The BLM intends to round up 800 horses from the Checkerboard Herd Management Area in Wyoming after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit denied an emergency motion<> by wild horse advocates to stop the roundups.

“The BLM and cattle and sheep ranchers are responsible for the crimes currently being committed against wild horses,” said Birnkrant. “The BLM has renounced its duty to protect wild horses and burros in favor of acting solely in the interests of those whose hatred and intolerance of wild horses fuels the roundups-ranchers.

“The heartless roundups occurring right now in Wyoming are ripping families of wild horses apart, terrorizing them with helicopter chases, separating foals from their mothers and imprisoning them in squalid holding facilities where their fates are unknown and where horses can be sent to slaughterhouses,” Birnkrant said. “If FoA doesn’t get a timely response to our Endangered Species Act petition from Sally Jewell, we will immediately pursue our legal options in court. There is no more time left for America’s wild horses.”

For more details about the protest, call Edita Birnkrant at 917.940.2725 or email<>.

25 thoughts on “FoA’s Civil Disobedience Action for Wild Horses

  1. I am very interested to see what Friends of Animals will do. I’ve never found them to be an effective organization concerning animal rights. I do applaud their efforts and hope that they will accomplish something to help protect our beloved wild horses.

  2. Reblogged this on Hippies for Horses and commented:
    It’s time everyone who loves the wild horses and burros and want them to continue to run free on their legally given land, stood up en-masse to put a stop to this madness by the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program. WE are their voices and MUST do everything we can to stop the BLM from raping the horses and burros off their home.

    I’m considering organizing a tweetstorm for those who can not attend the Rock Springs protest in person on September 22 due to expenses of travel or too short a notice. I will know in a few hours whether I have the support necessary to start a tweetstorm event. We need to make as much noise as we can to support the wild horses and burros we love.

  3. Civil disobedience is intervening in the roundup. Protesting is something we do before atrocities in hopes of stopping…. that said come on Wyoming were rooting for you. Make America and its inhabitants proud! XOX

  4. Does anyone ever bother to check facts? They are removing horses from the PRIVATE parts of the checkerboard… Here are the numbers

    Click to access FactS.pdf

    And here’s a handy little FAQ…

    Click to access QAs.pdf

    I wish they could all live free forever… I wish there was no need for management. I copied this from someone that said it better than I could myself:
    Unfortunately, the long term consequences reach much further than just a few horses dying over a harsh winter if they weren’t gathered. The population would become huge — so much so that the range land would be over-grazed and eaten down to nothing, which would result in mass starvation not only of the mustangs but also of the other native species who rely on the range land for sustenance. There would be a huge population crash of just about everything, from the plants to the carnivores that live on the herbivores. The loss of plant cover would result in erosion and it would take potentially decades for the plant life to become reestablished and for the environment to recover. Population dynamics and population crashes are concepts that are frequently taught and discussed in Biology classes. You can learn more about it if you look it up.

    And while this isn’t exactly about the horses… this video is DIRECTLY related to what happens when populations get out of balance. It’s worth the watch!

    • Amanda, I have no doubt the horses are being removed because the ‘checkerboard’ will look like Jonah Fields (check it out) shortly. RSGA is a front for huge mining and drilling corporations. It started for local cattlemen and they still have thousands, if not MILLIONS of cattle on public and private land in the checkerboard. A former President of RSGA was also the CEO at Coffey Engrg. a LARGE stakeholder in RSGA. They are one and the same. The wild horses are currently outnumbered by livestock, easily 10 to 1. So if 800 horses are being removed, you can take it to the bank that 8,000 cattle remain and another 1,000 will be dumped on the land. Corporations don’t care about the cattle because they will be slaughtered. YOU should care….as they will be drinking fracked water and those chemicals will be in the meat. Jonah Fields WAS premiere Sage Grouse territory. THAT is at the heart of the Sage Grouse battle….as Sage Grouse can not reproduce in a mining environment…too noisy…too much destruction. The wild horses are just a convenient scapegoat.

      • absolutely, well said!
        this is all about clearing our lands for ‘energy independence’ and everything else is killed much for independence !

    • Amanda, there is no excess population of wild horses. At most about 18,000 are still free in all the West. 22.2 million acres have been taken from them and 50,000 are in holding. Millions of cattle and sheep are on our public lands and have destroyed the range . Read the 1990-91 Government Accounting Office study which fond the wild horses innocent and cattle guilty of also destroying riparian areas. Wild horses actually benefit the ecosystems by eating cheat grass which keeps down fires and adding seeds and fertilizer from their manure . They do not stay in one place but roam as they graze unlike cattle. Cattle also pollute water with E.coli. and cause algae since they defecate in it. BLM only estimates populations and inflates the numbers. Do not believe their propaganda. Get the book, “Managing for Extinction”, for $2 from Animal Welfare Institute.

  5. For the Greater Good
    SeaWorld Protester Pleads ‘Not Guilty by Reason of Necessity’

    She was arrested after blocking SeaWorld’s float at the Rose Parade, but Amanda Slyter pleaded “not guilty” in court today. Why? Because she believes that her actions qualify for protection under a common-law defense called “necessity,” or the “greater good” defense. This means that a person violated a lesser law in order to right a greater wrong—in this case, SeaWorld’s cruel confinement of orcas to tiny concrete tanks.
    Will SeaWorld Call It Quits? Stock Hits All-Time Low
    August 8, 2014

  6. Our Wild Horses and Burros are no different from the captives at SeaWorld.
    THANK YOU for raising Public awareness.
    The death toll at SeaWorld continues to climb as many orcas imprisoned at SeaWorld’s theme parks have become victims of unnecessary tragedies.
    The intelligent, social ocean animals at SeaWorld are forced to live out their lives in small tanks and are denied everything that is natural and important to them. Many of them die far short of their natural life expectancy. Despite the numerous tragedies that have occurred at SeaWorld theme parks and the threat that the parks pose to the safety of animals and even trainers, SeaWorld continues to turn a blind eye.

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  8. dear little amanda, have you looked at the horses that are being rounded up they are in good body weight an have no problem finding their food when left alone . And further more if these welfare ranchers would not take and hoard water sources the horses would be just fine without human intervention, why don’t you just go back to harassing seaworld or do some research before you make Louie mad enough that she throws some statistic’s that will blow your mind . thank-you Louie for those videos that you put on protect mustangs website . I think little amanda needs to see those before she speaks again in favor of the terroristic agency and those other blowhards ooo did i spell that wrong, hehehe

  9. Be interesting to see BLM response. Cliven Bundy is given free reign to ignore court orders, destroy public resources and incite violence. I’d bet protestors may be cited or arrested for civil disobedience.

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