ACTION ALERT: US Democrat Senators, Up For Re-Election, Who Voted For The 2011 Wolf Delisting Rider

Howling For Justice

Avenge wolves delist Congress Justin F 1.

October 30, 2014

Vote these Democrat bums out of office!! They sold wolves down the river for Jon Tester’s Senate seat, in the Spring of 2011, by voting for the budget bill/ wolf delisting rider. Only 3 US Democrat Senators voted no. Why did they do this? To hold onto their Senate majority. President Obama signed the bill into law.

What the rider says:

(“SEC. 1713. Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on April 2, 2009 (74 Fed. Reg. 15123 et seq.) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance (including this section) shall not be subject to judicial review and shall not abrogate or otherwise have any effect on the order and judgment issued by the United…

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6 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: US Democrat Senators, Up For Re-Election, Who Voted For The 2011 Wolf Delisting Rider

  1. Regarding the delisting of wolves, spring of 2011, politically, by a rider attached to a defense approplriation bill, with backroom dark politics involved.It is pointed out that we (conservationists) expect this from republicans but it is extremely disappointing to see from democrats. So, what are we to do? What is the lesser evil? Generally, we currently have trouble with republicans, especially the likes of red state governors and republican state legislatures. It is really not a surprise from blue dog democrats such as Max Baucus and Jon Tester of Montana. They are first of all blue dog, pork barrel politicians playing to a very red, colloquial population. Furthermore, Tester is a farmer, and Baucus is a rancher. Baucus lost a dog to wolves. Wyoming and ID are deep red as is MT. We, wolf conservationists are disappointed in Obama, Dan Ashe of USFWS, Sally Jewell of Interior. Sarah Palin as governor of Alaska (R) was having wolves shot from helicopter to support ungulate populations (redneck mythology). How would things be with McCain-Palin, or Romney-Ryan? Much, much worse! So, we cannot just vote against all these democrats:That would be to cut our nose off to spite them. Answer, we have to, to the extent we can, hold our senators and representatives accountable and let them know how we feel about what they did. Politicians are generally sleazy and will wheel and deal and “:get things done” often without principle. How do you know a politician or lawyer is lying? Their lips are moving.

  2. I don’t think they can be held accountable. We don’t have enough money to bribe them with. Environmentalists and wildlife advocates are being belittled by Democrats. The only thing to do is replace them with better candidates. I don’t see how it could be much worse.

    • For example, who does Sally Jewell choose to have photo ops with – Matt Mead and the RMEF! Not the Audubon Society or the Sierra Club. This Administration is preparing to delist wolves in the lower 48, wild horses are being systematically wiped out, rewriting the ESA (and not for the better) to ‘compromise’ with the biggest threats to it, and circumventing the Acts to protect our birds, wild horses and marine life – that many people worked extremely hard to move forward, dedicating their lives to. This is no small thing. You can’t make them accountable for their lack of knowledge.

      During this Administration, I’ve read articles where people who want to support environmental causes feel they must distance themselves from the word ‘environmentalist’, and we are being portrayed as extremists by a party who historically supported environment and wildlife conservation, the Democrats! It is totally unacceptable, and I’d sooner vote for a homeless man on the street. Not to mention silence regarding Drill Baby Drill because it is Democrats leading the charge to sell off our resources to the highest bidder this time.

  3. II get the anger here. i called every single senator in all states before the rider was voted on in order to tell them that I thought it was a sleazy and environmentally destructive precedent that abrogated the intent of the ESA. But I think we need to look at our options here. In other words who is the worst candidate or most likely to enact even worse legislation or support more destructive policy and proceed accordingly. The whole system is corrupt but I think you stand little or no chance with Republicans in office of ever making things better for wolves. They can still do more damage that is being done now with a republican majority in Congress. And I would not expect Obama to veto anything the Republicans come up with. he did not veto the rider and has a history of making bad choices for cabinet members including Salazaar and Jewell as well as backing off his progressive ideals and compromising good initiatives to death. Don’t be so quick to vote in republicans, especially in the western states. Certainly call and write your senators and explain why you do not support their wolf policy. The fear of not getting votes may produce change in Democrats but once a Republican is in office in many of these states it could get even worse.

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