Trophy Hunter = Serial Killer, Any Questions?

One of the would-be hunter-commenters here recently demanded I explain why I compare hunters to pedophiles and serial killers. Since, as a rule, I don’t approve comments from hunters or their apologists (and because I felt it was so bloody obvious), that question hasn’t been answered here since June 10, in a post entitled, Poachers and Pedophiles are Like Apples and Oranges.

But now that Corey Knowlton has added his voice to the choir of Fuddself-confessed twisted-psycho-hunter-perverts with the telling statement to the WFAA, “I’m a hunter; I want to experience a black rhino. I want to be intimately involved with a black rhino,” it’s time to re-examine the connection in a little more detail. What kind of mind uses the word “experience” for the act of taking a life? Ted Bundy called his murders “possessing.” Like a trophy hunter, he felt entitled to claim another’s life for his own pleasure. In his case, the lives were young co-eds and 12 year old girls—in Knowlton’s case, endangered rhinos. Ted Bundy’s third person narrative of his predations could easily be mistaken (aside, perhaps, from the level of literacy) with Ted Nugent describing one of his trophy kills: “The fantasy that accompanies and generates the anticipation that precedes the crime is always more stimulating than the immediate aftermath of the crime itself. He should have recognized that what really fascinated him was the hunt, the adventure of searching out his victims. And, to a degree, possessing them physically as one would possess a potted plant, a painting, or a Porsche. Owning, as it were, this individual.”

Pertaining to the likes of Alaskan trophy hunter turned-serial killer, Robert Hansen, who preyed on exotic dancers and child6-4Hansens-trophy-goat prostitutes, in addition to Dall sheep, mountain goats and countless other species, conservationist Gareth Patterson wrote: “Certainly one could state that, like the serial killer, the trophy hunter plans his killing with considerable care and deliberation. Like the serial killer, he decides well in advance the type of victim–that is, which species he intends to target. Also like the serial killer, the trophy hunter plans with great care where and how the killing will take place–in what area, with what weapon. What the serial killer and trophy hunter also share is a compulsion to collect trophies or souvenirs of their killings. The serial killer retains certain body parts and/or other trophies for much the same reason as the big game hunter mounts the head and antlers taken from his prey…as trophies of the chase.”

And, as I put it the last time I addressed the pedophilic serial killer/trophy hunter connection: …the analogy between a trophy hunter and a serial killer has been well established—both are single-minded in their quest for the kill, placing their own perverse desires above the self-interests—indeed, the very lives—of their victims. Both perpetrators like to take souvenirs from their kills, and neither one cares what the rest of the world thinks of their actions.

13 thoughts on “Trophy Hunter = Serial Killer, Any Questions?

  1. ..absolute sad truth..just tweeted this to the masses of the compassionate and the twisted ignorant sociopathic (with *teenydix*)..sadly, so few of the psychopathic are ever able to change..there is no “rehabbing” this kind of narcissistic power hungry twisted mindset aka; pedophile/serial killer..and too many reproduce and pass on their murderous desires to their progeny..*tears*

  2. Thanks Jim, yet again, for having the courage to state what ought to be obvious to any objective observer of human behavior. It IS obvious even though most of the mainstream, pansy-ass “wildlife conservation” organizations are loath to say it, preferring instead to equivocate and mumble excuses about the noble character of “ethical” hunters and thereby not risk offending ANYONE in the donor pool. That trophy hunters, serial killers and pedophiles are cut form the same cloth (willing to lethally hurt innocent parties to satisfy their own selfish, perverted urges) is beyond dispute. Trying to separate one category of miscreants from another is like trying to separate fly shit from gnat shit. The only question is what should be done about them? The less “hateful” among us seem to think that education and a hate-the-sin-love-the-sinner approach will bear fruit. Me, I’m looking for the nearest rope and tree.

    • There you have it, Geoff. This is why we are losing the battle for wildlife. Until organizations who claim to be “for wildlife” stop pandering to the killers and exploiters, and face the reality that “wildlife conservation” is the industry line, and we should stop swallowing it. These groups who continue to “collaborate” with The Enemies of Wildlife (hunting, trapping, ranching, & others) are contributing to the slaughter. They are just as guilty, maybe even more, because they solicit the public into believing that by giving them money & and getting on Facebook, they will “save wildlife,” which is a cruel hoax. The late Canadian author, wildlife activist, and naturalist, John A. Livingston, wrote “The Myth of Wildlife Conservation,” for which many of the large “conservation” groups severely admonished him. But he stood his ground. Every chance I get, I let these many groups know how I feel, but perhaps the only way is through their donation boxes, so to speak. I personally am sick of most of these groups preaching how we need “to get along,” compromise, work with hunters & their buddies in the trapping, ranching and wildlife agencies. Wildlife are dying out there, and we sit on our butts listening to the lies. No more, enough.

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