Washington group puts up anti-wolf billboards


2014-11-21  Washington group puts up anti-wolf billboardsBy Rich Landers The Spokesman-Review The Billings Gazette

A newly organized anti-wolf group says it’s targeting Spokane with a billboard campaign to highlight members’ concerns about the increasing number of wolves in Washington State.

Four billboards featuring a snarling wolf are being put up, according to Washington Residents Against Wolves, a group that says in a media release that it’s promoting “sound management of the predator.”

“The aim of the billboard campaign is to encourage people to ask more questions about what having wolves in Washington really means,” said Luke Hedquist, WARAW member.

“People need to consider the challenges associated with wolves. Wolves can and will attack people, livestock will be killed and maimed, private property will be compromised and local economies will be impacted. We want to make sure people thoroughly understand the issue, so we started by trying to get people’s attention with the billboards.

“As the elk and other ungulates are impacted by wolves, we will see fewer animals for other predators like cougar and bear, a decline in the number of animals available to hunt and significant impacts to local economies as hunters go elsewhere.”

7 thoughts on “Washington group puts up anti-wolf billboards

  1. Now groups are being funded to advertise against wolves the right wing is growing even in Washington state. I will bet they are attached to ranchers and hunting groups

  2. This is WARAW’s website:


    This is from their FAQ . I wonder what genius penned this.

    “1. Wolves eat 17.5 lbs of meat per week each, minimum and eat nothing but meat”

    No fucking kidding they eat nothing but meat. That’s because THEY’RE CARNIVORES!

    WARAW’s media spokesperson is Jamie Henneman. She handles media relations for the Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association, Cattle Producers of Washington and Spokane County Cattlemen’s Association.


    So we know who’s behind this campaign.

    • Same ones behind most campaigns (along with hunters and gun groups) to kill wolves and other carnivores. The ranchers need more and more land for their cattle. What about their responsibility? They leave the animals out on the range near wilderness areas, where predators are known to roam. They are left there in all weather conditions, without veterinary care for injuries, illness, or birthing problems. When the unfortunate cows don’t survice, they are often left lying where they die and then attract the predators! There are known methods of protections and deterrents against wolves but apparently most ranchers do not employ them. Do they not want to spend the money? The wolves are taking the blame, but they are what they are and have no choices. Irresponsible people are causing part of the problem but the wolves make better targets, literally and figuratively, for the haters.

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  4. Do the wolf haters really thing people are stupid enough to be convinced by that cartoon? Looks like an illustration for Little Red Riding Hood. The three little pigs would laugh until they wet their pants. Maybe it scares the hunters, but at least it helps the non-haters look good.

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