HSUS among groups offering reward in wolf shooting


Conservation groups offer reward in wolf shooting

Don Jenkins

Capital Press

Published:November 18, 2014 10:13AM

Photo courtesy of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife In this 2011 file photo taken by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, a Teanaway pack wolf recovers after being tranquilized and collared. Conservation groups are offering a reward for tips leading to the conviction of the person who shot and killed a pack member last month in Kittitas County.



Conservation groups are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the killing last month of a gray wolf in Kittitas County.

The adult female was shot in the hindquarters and her carcass was found Oct. 28 on the north side of the Paris Creek drainage in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Brent Lawrence.

The wolf, a member of the Teanaway pack, was wearing a telemetry collar. When the signal stopped moving, federal and state wildlife officials searched for the wolf, Lawrence said.

Officials are focusing on the Oct. 17-28 time period in their investigation. Anyone with information can call USFWS at 425-883-8122.

First documented in 2011, Teanaway is the pack farthest west in Washington. Before the shooting, the pack had six members, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The department did not link the pack to any livestock predations this year. In 2011, the pack injured a herd dog, according to WDFW. The department paid the veterinarian’s bill.

“This wolf pack has essentially had no problems,” said Shawn Cantrell, director of Defenders of Wildlife, one of the groups offering the reward.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense that somebody thought they needed to shoot this wolf.”

USFWS is leading the investigation because the killing occurred in the western two-thirds of Washington, where wolves are federally protected.

Lawrence said the person who killed the wolf could be charged with taking an endangered species. The maximum penalty is a $100,000 fine and up to one year in jail. The crime is not a felony.

The animal is protected under the state endangered species list in all of Washington. The maximum state penalty for taking an endangered species is a $5,000 fine and up to one year in jail.

The conservation groups say they are concerned that wolf killings, particularly of breeding females, will threaten the species’ recovery.

WFDW in August authorized shooting up to four wolves to stop the Huckleberry pack in Stevens County from preying on sheep. Only one wolf was killed, but conservation groups were angered that it was a breeding female.

The WDFW absolved of any wrongdoing a Stevens County hunter who reported shooting at a wolf Oct. 30.

The hunter said he had fired a warning shot to scare away one wolf, but another one appeared 15 to 20 yards away and approached him, according to a WDFW description of the incident.

The hunter said he believed he hit the wolf, which ran away.

The WDFW is still awaiting DNA results to determine whether an animal shot last month by a farmer in Whitman County was a wolf or a hybrid, the department’s game program manager, Dave Ware, said today.

If the animal was a hybrid, WDFW will not file charges, he said. If it was a wolf, the department will pursue an investigation, he said.

Ware said the department doesn’t know how the wolf killings will affect recovery. The department will count wolves in December and January and hopes to have an updated census by February, he said.

The last count showed there were 52 wolves in Washington, all east of the Cascades.

The other conservation groups offering the reward are the Center for Biological Diversity, Conservation Northwest, Woodland Park Zoo, The Humane Society of the United States and The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust.

6 thoughts on “HSUS among groups offering reward in wolf shooting

  1. Wolf fear and hate and wolf jihad: It is a visceral, irrational, hysteria based on belief based thinking rather than pre-frontal lobe, cognitive based thinking open to facts, science empiricism. It is also characteristic of far right wing thinking in politics. It is genetic I think. You see it world around and across time. If you try to tell these brains the facts, the science, to dispel the folklore, they completely ignore you, get emotional and double down on their beliefs, and will actually say, “I don’t believe that!” and then go back to reiterating all the folklore, myths and lies; which like the far right, republican brains do in the company of their kind, their echo chambers, on political matters. I think that it is also a reaction to conservationists: these people see wolf recovery and conservation coming from others, from outsiders, Easterners, tree hugging environmental extremists, and being imposed on them; and see laws like ESA and EPA the same way. It is also a simple, raw, basic conflict of values with wolf conservationists; they do not care, at all, about wolf conservation, in fact the opposite, they want wolf extermination. These minds need continual education on the value of wolves in the ecology; not that it will make a difference to most of them. These minds need to have their folklore, lies and myths confronted over and over and over and over. Most importantly, wolves need protections from them long enough for recovery and for them to concretely see that their fears were visceral and hysterical. State based management of wolves and other predators should always be under federal oversight. Wildlife ecology is a regional matter, not a state by state matter, which politicizes predator management and turns it over to state wildlife agencies that are largely of the same ilk as the anti-wolf groups (hunters, ranchers, trappers and rural conservative minds). When I read Chris Mooney’s “The Republican Brain” it was clear to me that wolf haters are same: Their thinking is a belief based way of thinking resistant to facts, logic, reason, science; it is concrete thinking. Change with them is slow, taking repetition, show me, examples; and it clarifies the need for conservation law such as re-listing wolves, maybe all predators, and keeping them listed for a very long time. Under the wolf-hater’s control, we will continue to see wolf jihad, not conservation. What is also very obvious is that state wildlife agencies need to be brought under the general populace control not the 6% of hunters, and ranchers, and the less than 1%n of hunters, and wildlife beholding to licence revenues. Hunters, ranchers, and state wildlife and USDA Wildlife and colloquial rural elements of their sympathy lead a war on wildlife and always have done so throughout civilization’s mafrch.

  2. Even if this wolf killer is found—the punishment will be a slap on the wrist. The “problem” isn’t wolves. It is ranchers/hunters who have been on a killing spree since the West was conquered. Until people refuse to compromise and collaborate with the livestock/hunting industries, the slaughter will continue…. Since these wildlife killers have declared war on wild non-humans, we must declare war against them–and mean it. The wolf, coyote, bobcat, mountain lion and all other native animals are waiting….


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