Petition: No More Canned Hunts!

South Africa: No More Canned Hunts!

Lions are being trapped and bred for trophy hunting in South Africa. Stop the savagery!


Sponsored by:The Animal Rescue Site

Canned hunting is a type of hunting in which animals are placed in a confined area, then followed and gunned down by hunters. Also called trophy hunting, canned hunts are popular in South Africa, where lions are often bred for this purpose alone. Hunters come to these “canned” areas and pay large fees to hunt the lions.

With canned hunting, the animal is sure to die since it’s being held in an enclosed area with no chance for escape. It’s a completely unfair and brutal practice, and only exists for the entertainment of morally challenged hunters.

Sign the petition asking the head of the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Peter Thabethe, to put a stop to these cruel canned hunts for good.

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1 thought on “Petition: No More Canned Hunts!

  1. We have such a warped view of human entitlement now that standards have been lowered so that everyone can do anything they want, regardless of capabilities or not. Education has been dumbed down and standards lowered, and people physically unable to hunt have opportunities for them that are totally immoral and unethical, all in the name of human egos and sense of entitlement. I’ve even seen something on television recently about a firearms education/hunting class for the blind! We have to acknowledge the fact that there are some things in life that we just cannot do. So much is wrong with this photo I can’t even…..

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