Painful truth or comforting lies – it’s up to us.

Our Compass

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There is absolutely no morally relevant difference between human beings and those nonhuman beings upon whom we prey. We are all self aware. We form family and social bonds and share relationships with others. The mother and child bond is particularly strong and evident across all species. We communicate; we are capable of experiencing pleasure; we are capable of experiencing suffering; and we are all capable of feeling fear. Every single one of us will seek to avoid pain. We value our lives; they matter to us. In short, we all share the quality of sentience.

Painful truth

There is absolutely no way for humans to obtain the body parts and secretions of others without causing unspeakable suffering, exploiting their reproductive systems, mutilating and confining them, killing their children and taking from them every single thing that we would define as the things that make our own human…

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