Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Touching the wild: Joe Hutto’s seven years living with mule deer

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


“I don’t know how long I can continue because the sorrow I see in these animals is exhaustive. I can’t help but experience it with them.” – Joe Hutto

I wanted to follow up my column about Carl’s deer with a scientist’s observations about and heartfelt relationship with deer in “Touching the Wild,” a beautifully filmed, poignant documentary on public television.

Deer are the main species killed in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ killing business. It is time to pay attention.

Joe Hutto, a trained wildlife biologist, says in the video that his seven-year journey started with a chance encounter with a young mule deer buck in the sagebrush. The deer “had such a peculiar interest in me.” Exchanging a series of head nods, Hutto said, “that deer was willing to see me as an individual and he very clearly saw that I also granted him his individuality. I…

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