Petition: Sign for Wyoming Mustangs!

Scene from, Wyoming Tourism Video

The State of Wyoming uses images of wild horses to promote itself as a place where the untamed and wild spirit of the American West still lives. Yet wild horses in Wyoming are hanging on by a thread, with just 2,500 left in the entire state.

The BLM Wyoming Resource Advisory Council (RAC) is meeting in Laramie, Wyoming on February 2-4, 2015, This citizen advisory board has within its jurisdiction all of Wyoming’s 16 wild horse Herd Management Areas. AWHPC is submitting comments, asking for the RAC’s support for humane reform of the BLM wild horse program and fairer treatment for Wyoming’s last remaining mustangs.

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5 thoughts on “Petition: Sign for Wyoming Mustangs!

  1. I am a big supporter of keeping our wild horses wild especially on public lands as mandated by the Free Roam Act of 1971. These public lands have greatly been reduced since the 1970s. However, not many people know that AWHPC advocacy promotes the use of PZP to reduce wild horse births which is totally harmful since wild horses are under populated. AWHPC and others that promote PZP unintentionally do the BLM and special interest groups’ bidding which is to zero out wild horses leading to the loss of genetic lines, loss of natural selection, and the loss of horses themselves. BLM and special interest do this for what? — drilling for oil/gas, mining for minerals, and grazing cows/sheep for slaughter. The final result will be the desertification of the Western states and the loss of animals – wild horses- who can restore these lands. Protect make sense and does NOT approve of using PZP. Please read the info at

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