3 thoughts on “The Sixth Great Extinction Is Underway—and We’re to Blame

  1. Unsustainable: Anthropocene Extinction Era: Elk and deer do not need to be saved from wolves or other predators, they have millenniums of natural balance for mutual benefit. It is the blood sport killers (hunters and trappers) that are the additive problem. Humans kill 27 million animals daily for consumption, millions more yearly from hunting and”management” and this is not counting the sea life. Humans kill millions of sharks every year. Animal farming is one of the most damaging to the earth and cruelest things we do to the planet, the environment (land, sea and air); it is also eating up wilderness and forest and jungles, polluting rivers and streams, polluting the air, downdrawing stream levels Man is crueler than any alien so far imagined or presented in alien movies. Man is working himself toward extinction by animal farming, extraction industries, development, encroachment on the wild, destruction of biodiversity and is taking most everything else with him. We are 7 billion headed toward 10 billion by the middle to the end of the century. We may have the planet at a tipping point in global warming which also has disastrous effects on much land and sea animal life. The wolves and other predators are healthy factors in the wilderness ecology. Game farming for sports killing is not. We have several major species on the brink and hunters and poachers and farmer/ranchers, extraction industries, development and encroachment are still going at the the destruction. What humans are doing is not healthy for us or the planet or the other animals. We instituted agencies like the EPA and ESA and international and national conservation organizations to protect us from ourselves and the by products of seeking monetary gain at all costs then we try to politically undermine and gut those agencies. We are a destructive species and cannot seem to help ourselves. The direction we are going is not sustainable. For the health of ourselves, the planet, other life, biodiversity, we need to change the way we eat, stop human sprawl, preserve habitat, and basically learn to live with wildlife and healthy environment instead of against it.

  2. Stop Killing Coyotes: Cattle, Bison, Hares & Coyotes Ecology: Research sheds light on wildlife and cattle on public rangeland in Utah. Ranchers were complaining about competing with bison for grass when it was hares that ate twice as much grass as bison; and guess what controls the hare population, coyotes. Ranchers brightly concluded that the state should stop killing coyotes. But it is ranchers encroaching on wildlife with grazing permits then complaining about wildlife competing with them. Ranchers on public land should not complain about wildlife or displace it, or ask wildlife services to kill wildlife for them. Ranchers have this huge sense of entitlement and wrong sense of specialness, like hunters and trappers, and very little understanding of wildlife ecology. The wildlife agencies also need to focus on ecology and their “management” mentality of working for hunters and ranchers. Animal farming is one of the most harmful things we humans do to the planet, besides being cruel to animals, and it is not sustainable. There are over 7 billion people on Earth going to maybe over 10 billion by 2100. In 2010 humans killed over 10 billion farmed animals for consumption. Humans kill around 90 billion sea animals annually for consumption. USDA Wildlife Services kills around 4 million “nuisance” animals per year for ranchers, farmers, hunters and the public. Animal farming is encroaching on public land, wilderness, wildlife. It is polluting the environment, one of the main polluters in fact, and humans consume too much meat for their own health.



  3. The anthropogenic extinction: One study (http://usat.ly/VpWhx4) is about sorting out the man caused and natural global warming, and corroborates a body of research, 97% of scientists agree, about mankind caused global warming since the Industrial age and accelerating dramatically in the last 40 years. We are also destroying flora and fauna with one in three of each threatened or endangered. Animal farming keeps expanding toward an anthropogenic extinction: We are overeating the animals, land and sea. We abuse and overuse land, exhaust the resources, cut down forests, pollute land and sea and atmosphere, but we will not change our ways, short range hedonism about life with blinders rules. The conservative attitude emphasizes dollars now only thinking of ourselves and not much else. Animal farming contributes heavily to greenhouse gases, plus it is unsustainable, “eating” up more and more land, encroaching on and displacing wildlife and wilderness, cutting down forests and jungles, destroying wildlife habitat, fragmenting habitats, polluting streams and rivers and oceans. The way we are going, this could be The Anthropogenic Era of the next mass extinction. Humans kill 27 million animals daily for food, not counting the sea life. We are overfishing the oceans, over hunting the wild , eating ourselves off the planet, polluting air and waters, and with ever increasing population, over 7 billion now growing to 10-11 billion by mid to end of century, accelerating it all. We are destroying biodiversity and the wild. We are not yet asking ourselves how can we live with wildlife instead of against it and farming it for sports killing, distorting the health (balanced ecology) of it in the process. Wildlife needs maybe half the planet and corridors of connections. Half of wildlife has disappeared in the past forty years. We can and need to learn to live with wildlife instead of against it. We need to back off animal farming (ranching) and decimating sea life or we will eat ourselves to extinction. Humans now kill for consumption over 10 billion farmed animals annually for consumption and over 90 billion sea animals. We cannot seem to help ourselves, we are a destructive species as per the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves wherein aliens come to save the Earth from mankind.

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