Bye Bye Bud….

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Wolf puppies need protecting as much as Lab pups!

February 2, 2015

 Even though Bud is pretending to ignore the outrage of wolf and animal lovers over their terrible wolf demonizing ad, I think they got the message. They may be getting lots of props on their FB page for the ad but secretly they know environmentalists, conservationists and animal lovers drink beer too. So lets keep signing the CBD protest petition. It only takes a little pebble to make big ripples in a pond!

Bye bye Bud!


Tell Budweiser: Don’t Demonize Wolves to Sell Beer

Bud demonizing wolves to sell beer - CBD


Top photo: Wikimedia commons

Bottom Photo: Courtesy CBD

Posted in: Wolf wars, gray wolf, activism

Tags: Budweiser, demonizing wolves, bad ad

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