Hell Yeah We’re Howling Mad….

Howling For Justice

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Of course wolf lovers are howling mad. We’re sick of seeing wolves demonized, especially in a Super Bowl ad, viewed by millions of people all over the world, including impressionable children,  just to sell brewskies.

Bud needs to apologize. Wolves are dying right now in MontanaandIdaho wolf hunts. Nearly 800 wolves have been slaughtered in hunts since September 2014, poaching has also taken its toll.

Just recentlyEcho, the young female wolf who traveled to the Grand Canyon from the Northern Rockies kill zone, was probably killedby a “coyote hunter”. She was the first wolf  to set a paw in the Canyon since the 1940’s and now she’s gone, a huge blow to wolf recovery.

Wolves don’t need bad Budweiser press, they need protection!

Keep signing thepetition people, let Budweiser know how you feel! This Bud is not for you!


Budweiser lost puppy ad…

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3 thoughts on “Hell Yeah We’re Howling Mad….

  1. Yes, and thanks to groups like HSUS and other traitors, who are willing to further “de-list” wolves, it gives more impetus to the livestock/hunting industry. Of course, these listings are artificial ones, made by humans, but for any group that claims to care about wolves and other wildlife, to actually suggest such an action, only fans the flames of the War Against the Wild.

  2. I agree. Unfortunately, Super Bowl ads are on to make money, and I doubt if the sponsors give a rap about wildlife. The Big Bad Wolf is in almost everyone’s knowledge base and that is all that matters to the sales team and advertisers. If enough protests come in, they may not do it again, but it won’t keep wolves on the endangered species list.

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