Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Can we save the animals — and ourselves?

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

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“Habitat loss and degradation, and exploitation through hunting and fishing (intentionally for food or sport, or accidentally, for example as bycatch) are the primary causes of decline.” ~ World Wildlife Fund report

Wildlife populations across the world have plummeted 52 percent in the past four decades, due to human impacts, the World Wildlife Fund reports. And hunting is a huge factor, according to WWF: “When habitat loss and degradation is compounded by the added pressure of wildlife hunting, the impact on species can be devastating.”

Some 90 percent of the fish have disappeared from of the seas due to human activity, including overfishing. Scientists, ever cautious in predictions, say that by 2048 there will be no more saltwater fish. Freshwater species have declined 76 percent overall. Those are the findings of a 2006 study led by Boris Worm, Ph.D., of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The World Wildlife Fund’s…

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4 thoughts on “Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Can we save the animals — and ourselves?

  1. It does not look like conservationists can turn the tide against wildlife destruction and habitat encroachment and degradation. We are a destructive species that is over fishing, over hunting, over animal farming, and polluting. Half of our political system is anti-science immersed in primitive belief systems. Many people are sympathetic but will not go against their peers and the tide even though they know it is wrong the way humans are living against the planet and other animals. Hunters and trappers and commercial fishermen are taking steps or already have to enshrine their killing traditions. Since the dawn of civilization man has declared war on wildlife and wilderness. Maybe some major natural catastrophes will be a wake up call. Truth is that man is a disease of the planet

  2. The Anthropocene Extinction: Man versus Aliens

    Man: Maybe the ugliest, most predatory creature in the universe (!?). We have movies about aliens and predators like Independence Day (movie) aliens. They are us. Impact of man: 38-40 million sharks a year, maybe more, for their fins, 1 in 3 species threatened or endangered, around 2.5 % true wilderness left in the continental USA! Genocide of human and nonhuman animals, sterilization of the earth, debating the last 2.5% for exploitation or not! For those of us who care we must be on the alert and take action over and over to protect wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, wildlife, national forests and parks. Else, the march of civilization, development, recreational destruction and intrusion (euphemism is multiuse), extraction industries (oil, gas, coal, minerals, lumber), effects of global warming, those who do not care, self centered and provincial and parochial attitudes and values, and over population (7 billion now, maybe 10 billion by middle of century or sooner) will destroy it all. The way we produce food (animal farming) is inefficient, terrible for the planet, and terrible for our health, and not sustainable. We raise grass and grains to feed animals to eat the animals, instead of raising vegetation to feed ourselves. Ranching is one of the most polluting activities of man and gobbles up more and more land, cuts down forests and jungles, encroaches more and more on wildlife and wilderness and it is not sustainable. Our sports killing of wildlife and the resultant farming of sport killing target animals and marginalization or elimination of predators is distorting wilderness ecology and biodiversity. Many sportsmen say they want the meat but the wilderness cannot support “subsistence” killing and only limited sports killing; and it is hunting and ranching and extraction industries at the root of extinction problems along with development encroachment issues. Hunting is a leading cause of extinction of the animal world and still going on at alarming rate., ( Then the “sportsmen” are going more and more crazy with killing contests, trophy hunting, canned hunting, baiting, less and less of a “fair chase” ethic with jihad on predators and use of high tech equipment. Silencers and drones have been proposed, electronic calls are already used, use of dogs, use of live bait as well.

    We have more and more of a distribution of wealth problem with the top 1% of the USA having 40 % of the wealth and 25% of the income; and about 80 individuals in the world having over half of the world’s wealth. Sooner or later this is likely to result in conflict between countries and classes.

    We are depleting resources, destroying the planet, encroaching on wildlife and habitat in the March of Civilization and have from the beginning. We either change or we are and the primary cause of the next great extinction, including humans.

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature list percentages of threatened or endangered species (with lower and upper estimates) for each group are: cycads 63% (63-64%); amphibians 41% (30-56%); reef-forming corals 33% (27-44%); sharks & rays 33% (17-64%); freshwater crabs 31% (16-65%); conifers 30% (29-33%); mammals 25% (21-36%); groupers 17% (12-43%); birds 13% (12.5-13%); wrasses 5% (4-19%); lobsters <1% (0-35%). Half the worlds animals have disappeared in the past 40 years.

    A steady climb in greenhouse gases has been plotted and studied by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other organizations. Graphs show a sudden and continuing climb of greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution (late 1700’s). Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere warming the earth. Man’s activities and industry appear to be the major factors in global warming.

    Man and the Earth: See “The Day The Earth Stood Still” with Keanu Reeves, protecting the Earth from man. If we could step back from Earth and look at it from the Dawn of Civilization, it would look like a disease is sweeping around it: Us humans. Our USA forebears marched across this land killing everything in sight; it is the culture we inherited. Yes, we need Acts like EPA, ESA, and all the conservation organizations we have to protect us against ourselves and in the USA protect us from the Tea Party and current set of republicans in the USA Congress and many red state legislatures. We have not been invaded by zombies, but we have been invaded by crazies, called republican brains, who want to keep going in the same destructive directions.

  3. Animal Killers (Hunters and Trappers) and Animal Farmers (AKA ranchers) and Meat Preference Oriented Consumers:: Besides right wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation which are empirically obvious there is the greater likelihood of religiosity, fundamentalist, evangelical thinking, man as center of the universe thinking, man as stewards of the land thinking with all else put here for man’s consumption and exploitation, concrete/either/or thinking (shades of gray drive them crazy), thinking that is housed in belief systems versus science and logic, denial of science thinking, seeing science as a threat to their belief system thinking, doubling down on inherited and traditional right to kill and dominate other animals thinking, efforts to enshrine their traditions in state and federal levels of lawmaking, fear and hate of predators, and doubling down on animal slaughter thinking and behavior. Look at the Red States or red state elements and predisposition to wolf slaughter (jihad) and other predator marginalization; look to the rancher and hunter led war on wildlife. There is also a genetic basis to all this, as we see it world around and over time. Right now there is a polarization, a congealing of ring wing thinkers and progressive, left wing thinkers. Unfortunately, wildlife agencies seem immersed with the right, unfortunately for wildlife, wilderness and global warming and the Earth. The conservation fight for balanced wildlife ecologies and predators with the right groups also includes the indifferent, the ignorant, and man’s traditional fear of and war against the wilderness. Conservation futility?

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