The Arctic Methane Monster Exhales: Third Tundra Crater Found


Yamal Hole

(One of three massive holes found in Siberia. The prominent theory for the holes’ formation is a catastrophic destabilization of sub-surface methane under thawing tundra. Image source: The Moscow Times.)

Add salt, sand, and thawing methane pockets buried beneath scores of feet of warming permafrost together and what do you get? Massive explosions that rip 200-300 foot deep and 13-98 foot wide holes in the Siberian earth.

The name for the place where this strange event first happened, in Russian, is Yamal, which roughly translates to mean ‘the end of the Earth.’ Now, three holes of similar structure have appeared over a 700 mile wide expanse of Siberian tundra. The most likely culprit? Catastrophic destabilization of Arctic methane stores due to human-caused warming.

A Tale of Dragon’s Breath: How the Yamal Event Likely Unfolded

About 10,000 years ago, as the great glaciers of the last ice age gave…

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2 thoughts on “The Arctic Methane Monster Exhales: Third Tundra Crater Found

  1. The Earth cannot take humans much longer, and this is a very serious symptom of her disgust with us. Humans have been playing God too long–we have disrupted all major life support systems, and now they are all coming down. I do not feel much sorrow for my kind, but I do weep for all the other beings who are suffering and who will suffer because of us. I seem to say something like this almost every day now….


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