Matthew McConaughey’s Canned Hunt Operation

February 4, 2015 by

After TheirTurn’s story about Matthew McConaughey’s hunting business went viral, TMZ, the celebrity gossip website with millions of subscribers, published a story about peoples’ outrage: “Matthew McConaughey Ranch Draws Fire Over Trapped Deer Kills.”


TMZ spoke to McConaughey’s nephew Madison, who runs the ranch:

“We reached out to Matt’s rep … so far no word back. But the actor’s nephew, Madison McConaughey — the ranch cattle manager — tells TMZ they’ve had death threats from people who don’t understand the nature of what they do. He says, ‘People are disgusted with us but we’re disgusted with them.’ Madison adds, people who come there do so for the ‘hunting experience’ and he says ‘We’re proud of what we do.’

The TMZ story has been updated with a video interview with Madison McConaughey.

In canned hunts, animals are confined to a fenced in area with no way to escape from the recreational killers and their weapons.

Your Turn

Contact Mr. McConaughey through his TwitterFacebook and Google Plus pages to let him know what you think about his canned hunt enterprise.

Contact McConaughey’s publicist Nicole Perez-Krueger at PMK*BNC at 310.854.4800 or

Boycott his movies until he eliminates canned hunts.

13 thoughts on “Matthew McConaughey’s Canned Hunt Operation

    • It’s not a ‘hunting’ experience. It’s the equivalent of a drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant experience. There’s no ‘hunting’ when an animal is handed over to you in a confined space, an animal that might even have come to trust his captors. It’s a killing experience for lazy, cowards or people that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to hunt in the traditional sense of hunting. Do humans get the ‘equal opportunity’ to kill animals?

  1. “‘We’re proud of what we do.’” Proud of what exactly, building a fence? Trapping them so you can shoot them with no sporting chance for the deer? I’m not seeing much to be proud of here.

  2. I always kind of liked McConaughey as an actor but got suspicious when he used his Academy Award speech to evangelize and gush about important God was in his life. Yet another outstanding Christian hypocrite.

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