Why killing wolves will make no difference to caribou recovery


Just like British Columbia, wolves in ‪#‎Alberta‬ are also in the firing line as the scapegoat for dwindling caribou populations.

Please sign/share this petition http://bit.ly/1Hndkqh
via Raincoast Conservation Foundation for Alberta wolves

Please sign/share this petition http://chn.ge/1y7up1m
via Pacific Wild for BCwolves

The full story of the caribou situation and why killing wolves will make no difference to caribou recovery: http://bit.ly/1Ln71CL


6 thoughts on “Why killing wolves will make no difference to caribou recovery

  1. Wolf Jihad Mentality: Since wolf delisting the status of the wolf is imperiled with Wolf Jihad (Folklore, Myth, Lies about Wolf Predation on Ungulate Herds and Stock): What does it say about the wildlife agencies when conservationists have to fight against those very agencies to protect wildlife that is threatened like the wolf. When USFWS delisted wolves on the west and midwest (2012) wolves were turned over to a killing management strategy that was surely expected at the state level, a wolf killing jihad approach. A federal judge ruled Friday 12/19/14 ruled that wolves in the midwest be put back on the protected list saying that removing them was and “capricious and capricious” violating the ESA. Protesters of the decision, including USFWS will consult about an appeal to Justice Department (https://exposingthebiggame.wordpress.com/2014/12/21/some-gray-wolves-to-be-returned-to-endangered-list/ ) A federal judge ruled, September 23, 2014, that Wyoming wolves have to be re-listed and Wyoming must come up with a conservation plan which is not a wolf killing plan and that hunting is ceased immediately. He stated that Wyoming is too hostile toward wolves to manage them. The same can be said of Montana and Idaho and Wisconsin and elsewhere. These wolf jihad states should be relieved of wolf management They are run by traditional wolf hating elements
    (https://exposingthebiggame.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/opinion-high-noon-for-the-gray-wolf/). Wyoming had wolves classified as varmints and eligible for shoot on sight and allowed only a narrow corridor outside Yellowstone where they could exist and even there hunted in season. In Montana last year (2013) “sportsmen” got 5 wolves for one $19.00 ticket. Since then landowners have been given permission to kill up to 100 “threatening” wolves, which really amounts to an open season year around for landowners and their designated “agents”. Montana hunts or traps wolves 6 months of the year. This year Montana has no quotas for any areas except outside Yellowstone and Glacier. Idaho intends to get their wolf numbers down to as little as 150. Who was it, Ed Bangs (?), that pulled that out of their arse for number of wolves as target numbers for delisting, 150, 30 breeding pairs. ID, MT, WY can easily support 700 wolves. Actually, the wolf numbers seem stabilized in in the 600’s in MT and ID, but both states want much more killing. But these states, sportsmen and yokels have latched onto those numbers as a rationale for liberal kill policies. Wolves will manage their own populations relative to wolf pack elbow room and prey. General killing called “management” is asinine. The hunting, trapping season starts in Montana in September and goes to February 2015. Matters for wolves seem to be getting worse each year with the traditional enemies of ranchers, sportsmen, and yokels with their folklore, lies and myths and parochial ignorance, mostly about elk predation and stock predation, wolves as threatening, wanton killing of wolves in the need to drive down the population, wolf size (giant, alien, Canadian wolf), and degree of wolf predation, numbers of wolves. State management of wolves is wolf jihad, not science, a hunter-rancher-wildlife agency led war on wildlife.

    Our neighbor. Canada, really another country not friendly to wolves, but thought to be so: They (https://exposingthebiggame.wordpress.com/2015/02/08/why-killing-wolves-will-make-no-difference-to-caribou-recovery/, are now on a wolf jihad mission to protect caribou herds killing thousands of wolves. This is the “management” insanity that wiped out the wolves in the lower 48 the last century. These elements (hunters, wildlife agencies, conservative governments, ranchers), do not understand e-c-o-l-o-g-y, and never have.

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