I Swear Because I Care so Much

Cut the crap about a harmless little F-word, there’s animals fucking dying out there.

Yesterday I posted a picture someone put together of multiple murderers and their “trophy” giraffe kills. I’d thought about titling the post, “Who the Hell Hunts10557040_1609109249312078_7951148989311848842_o Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them?” But the issue made me so angry that I went with my gut reaction and titled it, “Who the Fuck Hunts Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them?” But, for that I’ve been chastised across the social media by certain readers.

Apologies to anyone reading this that’s a young kid or in some other way sheltered enough to think a word is somehow more offensive than a photo of dozens of dead giraffes and the fuckers who shot them down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally go around spewing obscenities, but when some asshole is out murdering animals as harmless and miraculous as a giraffe I start to get a bit pissed off. You could say my tact goes out the fuckin’ window.

Forgive me if I can’t stay civil when addressing some shithead serial-killer-sport-hunter who wants to add a lion, rhino or giraffe to his trophy collection.

Instead of being so sensitive to swear words, perhaps some of you should save your comments for the real criminals—the murdering mother-fuckers who kill sentient beings for sport.


Please sign and share these petitions.

Rhinoceros in SA need your help before their extinction


33 thoughts on “I Swear Because I Care so Much

  1. Absolutely. Funny how some people get so sensitive about four-letter words. Come to think of it, “kill” is a four-letter word a lot of people don’t mind at all when they grab a gun and head for the woods.

  2. These images are walls of death. These people are disgusting. How is killing fun? Words are not obscene, but action like this are. How else can you talk about obscene acts, but with obscene words.

  3. I stand with you Jim, I feel the same way. Reblogging On Howling for Justice.

    There is only so much murderous behavior a person can stand. Sometimes you just have to express yourself!

  4. I would sign and leave a reply on Facebook but some dumb ass reported me and Facebook has blocked me from using their site!! I haven’t done or said anything wrong,all i can think of is that it’s some wolf killers ganging up on me because i post on all the wolf advocacy links- always in favor of the wolf. Guess it pissed the right people off and they got me kicked off Facebook. These killers are fucked up in more ways than one,and you guys posting those links and getting people’s attention must be working or they wouldn’t be doing shit like getting us predatory lovers off Facebook so we can’t verbalize our fury at them. So keep on posting those links!!! Piss the hell out of them for me,and for the voiceless predators!!! Keep up the good work,and i’m still going to try to help predators on my end even if i’m not on Facebook!!! They won’t shut me up!!! I stand for animal rights and animals freedoms!!! Live free,die free!!!!!!

  5. I wish people would learn to think for themselves without trying to behave the way someone told them was correct. Logic and reason and goodness isn’t prevailing in the world of human treatment of animals, and even each other. Good guys don’t finish first, and it’s all about winning, not how you play the game – you can see that every day in our political leaders, corporate leaders, bullies. Hell yeah it’s good and right to get pissed about that. I normally am a very nice, caring, empathic person to everyone – but some things are just too terrible to keep quiet about, or say the poor thing, they couldn’t help it, or they’re not well, and they get a slap on the wrist. The grizzly in me wants to rip their fkn head off. 🙂

    • “Science!” is another eye-roller too. Nobody is listening to science to make decisions about wildlife, just throwing the word around to make those who don’t know or the apathetic think their leaders are doing the right thing for them. They’re our leaders; so they must be making the right decisions, right? Wrong.

      This is going to offend many too, but hey, why not? We’re on a roll – or they use the word ‘science’ to write off anything they cannot tangibly understand such as religion or spirituality (don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty wrong with it too. Pure spirituality, not that corrupted by humans), or to justify no restraint on their own selfish behavior and childlike satisfaction of their needs..

      • The “wise use” side think that science and killing are synonymous. They conveniently forget about the science of cognitive ethology or anything that suggests that non-human animals are our kin.

    • Anyone who doesn’t get mad as hell when they see what is happening to the other animals (as opposed to the human animals–take that Bible thumpers!) is lacking a true sense of morality and empathy.

  6. Right on, Jim! I get so tired of so-called “advocates” getting upset with other advocates for telling it like it is. Some people actually believe that holding hands and singing kum by yah with a bunch of sociopaths will stop the killing. They’re living in fantasy land. It’s time for some righteous anger and direct action to stop this madness.

    • I hate that kum by yah crap. And I do not want my mind and sensibilities corrupted by ’empathizing’ with serial murderers. I don’t want to know anything about that. Thankfully, they are a small percentage of the human population, although they appear to be growing in number. I’ll save my empathy for their victims, human and non-human.

  7. When I saw your title, it occured to me that that you rarely used the f-word, at least in a title. I also noticed that the post was about murdering giraffes, who are just about the most peaceful, harmless, gentle, and easy-to-shoot creatures on the planet, and realized why you had to up the ante in this case. I’m sorry that my suspicians were right, and that once again people’s priorities are sorely out of whack. GREAT reply, by the way, and the comments above are great too!

  8. Those on social media who are so offended by and sensitive to swear words, are nothing but self- righteous hypocrites. Tell me they have never used these same words.They care more about that than the terrible cruelty toward these wonderful animals. For those of us who care so much, the anger and frustration just is overwhelming and absolutely calls for strong language. Shame on those losers who don’t give a crap.

  9. Oh for heavens sake! What kind of moronic prude gets upset about a well-placed swear word amidst something as grotesquely perverted as killing animals like giraffes for fun? Such people, literally, need to get a life! I can hardly believe that anyone who regularly visits this site is so unbalanced as to be upset by the caption, as opposed to the acts it depicts, in question.

    The righteous anger building over the carnage being routinely perpetrated by “sportsmen” that impels use of such expletives foretells a time when the pent-up fury of those of us who have had our fill (and then some!) of serial animal abusers finally breaks forth in bloody reprisals. Personally, I’m looking forward to that day. Elmer Fudd meet Dexter Martin!

  10. I use the “F” word (it is, after all just a fucking word), usually when alone, but I’m so fucking mad today, I just want to fucking thank you, Jim, for using that fucking word–and please, use it all the fucking time, as far as I’m fucking concerned, and to fucking hell with those who are “sensitive” about the fucking word, but can’t get fucking enough mad about the fucking animal killers everywhere on this planet.

  11. These are serious issues and in need serious words, I have no sympathies for those who want to play pretentious games when it comes to abuse, torture and murdering of innocent animals..in some countries certain slang words are common place and it’s ridiculus and fucking hypocritical from those it offends.

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