2 thoughts on “What a Psychopath Looks Like

  1. The principle difference between the two is that the one on the left is usually executed or at least confined to a cell for the rest of his life whereas the degenerates on the right benefit from all of the “rights” and considerations to which human beings feel “entitled” by law and religion. If there was anything akin to true justice in this world the latter abominations would be consigned to the oblivion they so richly merit.

  2. Could not agree more. How could anyone kill that heavenly giraffe? For only a god can create something as beautiful and stunning and special as a giraffe? Just look at the giraffes beauty, how his eyes look just like human eyes; how his body, legs, feet and movements are just so utterly human. After all, we are all brothers and sisters, with such minor differences. A heart beat, eyes, feet and soul — so all alike! The god that created mankind’s species, created the body and souls of our fellow travelers. We are not better, nor inferior; we are all just together on a journey of being, life and love, and we are all, alone — but together — facing all the hardships and dangers of life on Earth; therefore, we become the saviors and champions of our fellow beings and travelers on a spaceship, named Earth.

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