“Don’t eat any animals under any circumstances;…

…it is always wrong and misguided and thoughtless and cruel.”  –  Susie Duncan


Three Stories and a Great Quote from Susie Duncan

1) descriptionUnlikely friendship of a dog and an owl … Okay! So, why can’t humans simmer down and be nice and stop eating other species? AND stop warring with one another? AND stop worrying and start being happy and looking out for each other? These photographs at the above link are exceptional – enjoy! LIFE as it was meant to be lived…by all!

Don’t eat any animals under any circumstances; it is always wrong and misguided and thoughtless and cruel.


2) Urgent: Ask Indiana Legislators to Oppose ‘Canned Hunting’ Bill! This state has gone so damned low that it is not to be believe; they may have already voted as they are running crazy, mean-spirited legislation through like crazy!


3) ODD HEADLINE? “American gored by bull in Spain out of intensive care“: not just a double preposition, but also sounds like the bull gave a bit of a gore to a rotten person just to teach a lesson in humane-ness, doing so from that spirit of concerned “intensive care” for the brat’s soul?????? Like a parental swat? Where is Jay Leno when we need him?

7 thoughts on ““Don’t eat any animals under any circumstances;…

  1. Homo sapiens has been warring, killing and manipulating Nature since it crawled down from the trees. 12,000 years ago, here in North America, early humans were already exterminating, and causing extinctions of non-humans: The Giant Sloth, the Saber Tooth Tiger, the Wild Horse, the Mammoth, to name a few, were eliminated. So, once Homo sapiens made his “tools” (which were the early weapons) things went down hill.
    A great book on this subject is: One Cosmic Instant: The Arrogance of the Human Species–by John A. Livingston. It is available on line. He was a professor/scholar, writer, animal activist, naturalist, who realized that the greatest threat to Planet Earth and non-humans, is Homo sapiens, whom he called the Rogue Primate. We never really were able to fit in to the “natural order of things.” That is why we are destroying our very Life Support System and all other beings.

    • I’m going to order that book, along with “Constant Battles (the myth of the peaceful savage)” by Steven Le Blanc. Both books are recommended by Dave Foreman in his overpopulation Book “Manswarm and the Killing of Wildlife.”

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