Last Train to Delusionville


This article brings up a lot of great points, but I would argue that it isn’t just the vegans, it’s the animals themselves, who are the last fair game for socially-acceptable persecution…


People Hate Vegans, Freud Could Explain Why

6 thoughts on “Last Train to Delusionville

  1. As,always, excellent blog! Try being a female, atheist, vegan! Talk about minorities and hatred! When I was only a vegetarian, and would mention it on Twitter, I would have vegans attacking me like crazy, and I couldn’t block them fast enough. They have given us a reputation of being arrogant arseholes, and I NEVER preach to anybody, or do I have “vegan” in my bio or on any of my blogs.

    Just a couple weeks ago, somebody on Twitter, with whom I’d had many wonderful conversations about animals and their rights, absolutely blew his top during a conversation I ended up replying to which was about the cruel dairy industry. He lost it completely (apparently he’s vegetarian but still eating eggs and using milk products). He said that every video was tampered with and that nobody was kicking and beating the cows. He demanded evidence, and wouldn’t accept the undercover videos and news reports as evidence.

    Well, even if this absurd statement was true, by definition, the dairy industry is horribly cruel on its own. I personally have never subjected myself to see factory farming/dairy videos or even read about factory farms. I already knew about the dairy industry and why it’s so cruel. But, with just common sense telling me what went on in factory farms, the torturous lives and deaths of billions of beautiful, sentient beings, was enough for me to become first a vegetarian decades ago, and vegan just a couple years ago.

    I don’t flaunt it, because there is nothing to flaunt. I did it for selfish reasons. I wanted to be a moral person, and as an animal advocate, not a hypocritical one. AND, most importantly, I did NOT want to contribute to the abuse of animals in any way, shape, or form.

    NOTE: I have a blog on here, but, unfortunately I used Blogger before I knew about WordPress, and it won’t export properly. Mine is all animal stuff, lots of videos and information on trophy hunting and poaching. I don’t write a lot. I now have a link to your blog, and have tweeted out the name to my 7200 followers, many of whom are incredibly anti-hunting like you and I. (Excuse this long comment).

  2. I liked your explanation of the hate that we vegans get thrown at us quite often. I was vegetarian for a long time, but found myself unable to eat dairy and eggs after a certain point. So, I just made the next step and decided I couldn’t have anything to do with the whole industry. The way some people have responded is incredible. The hate just spews out of their mouths. They seem to take it as an affront to their food choices – I don’t even say anything! It goes to show you how defensive people can be. As for me, I try to just walk away. I hate confrontation, and refuse to have anything to do with people who are hateful.

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  4. This is so right. I’ve had people scream at me when I’ve said that I’m not eating meat – not that I’m vegan, but that I’m not eating such and such a dish. Seriously. How nuts is that? And the jokes, the nastiness, the “um bacon tho”. Unbelievable.

  5. And, of all the civil justice issues, animal rights appears to be the most difficult to fight because of the sheer numbers of humans who are complicit in a system that exploits other species in such pervasive and dastardly ways. A lot of people are involved in the exploitation directly, many more indirectly, and those individuals, as this piece says, see themselves as losing something profound when gains are made for the powerless. In the end, the gains benefit species outside ourselves, species so many see as lesser than ourselves, often at cost to our own status quo. So, rather than admit that we humans don’t possess the mercy and altruism necessary for that end, it’s a lot easier to say that vegans do what they do to benefit themselves and deprive others. It makes those of us advocating for compassion seem like the most selfish, entitled lot. It really should be the most simple of paradigms to topple because it’s based on the most spurious of rationales, a species hierarchy of our own imagination that falls to any scrutiny of logic. It’s as much an ‘opiate’ of influence as is any ideology. I hope but often wonder if the delineation between species can be overcome to the extent that will be required for this shift to happen. Maybe the appeal to self-interest is the only thing that will work in the end, as climate change and water shortages prevail in this animal-exploited world. That, and vegan products that really taste like meat, in an effort to remove all of the obstacles that would have people crying for their self interest when compassion is genuinely warranted.

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