14 thoughts on “The Most Stupid Animal on the Planet

  1. …yes…too many humans are..and sadly, too many humans feel so *dam* superior..get over yourselves@…humans are their own worst enemies…and we are responsible for ALL the “damage/carnage/death” …

  2. So true. Those who are vested in selling out animals be they wild, ranched or farmed exert great influence on those who allow themselves to be indoctrinated. The NRA and Koch bros., have a lot to do with spreading false nutritional values of Paleo diets, such as Rocco DiSpirito’s cookbook.

  3. It truly is a bizarre cycle, isn’t it. 😦

    We still haven’t faced up to what’s gonna happen if we continue to breed without restraint – how many more animals will go through torture chambers to feed us, and how much more wildlife and wildlands will have to be destroyed for our food, timber for homes, water to waste for fountains in deserts, etc. – and not to mention the most trivial of things like golf courses, water parks, and on and on. Blech!

    • Couldn’t agree more! But it has become politically incorrect to even talk about population control for human beings. Once upon a time, Paul Ehrlich wrote a book called the Population Bomb, and he was actually invited to discuss it on talk shows. Now there would be howls of outrage. He would be accused of everything from baby killing to misanthropy to racism. For much of the population any control of human reproduction must be stopped. They are mostly the same people who devalue animal lives and see the other creatures we share this earth with as nothing more than resources to be gobbled up one way or another and used by people. Our stupidity and arrogance would be pathetic if it didn’t have such horrific results for the animals, nature, and the planet.

  4. The irony is nothing short of pitiful for ALL non-human animals. Evolution really screwed up when we evolved into people. We’re a disaster. What an ugly circle life which we’ve contributed to mostly. (I wish wild animals had all evolved into plant eaters, but that would have caused serious problems of its own). There are too many species on the earth, and the humans are definitely NOT NEEDED, to say the least, IMO.

    • It has occurred to me that if the first group of hominids (the primates leading to homo sapiens) were run over by a rhinoceros stampede, evolution might have taken a better turn with that second chance.

  5. stupid, ohh yes… and I might add other adjectives:
    selfish, self-centered, stubborn, ignorant, arrogant, contemptuous…
    (the list would continue with hundreds more appropriate adjectives).
    Peace on earth ❤ claudine

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