The Hate Wolves Face in Idaho….

Howling For Justice

Anti wolf signs in Idaho_ Martin Kaste NPR

There are no words for such hate!

What a betrayal by Congress and the Obama administration that they turned their backs on wolves and handed them over to their mortal enemies on a silver platter. I wonder how they sleep at night?


Photo: Courtesy NPR (Martin Kaste)

Posted: Wolf Wars

Tags: wolf hate, wolf persecution, Idaho

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3 thoughts on “The Hate Wolves Face in Idaho….

  1. If people who hated wolves were just irrational fearmongers scaring themselves with fairy tales, they could be ignored.

    But they are allowed to act out and kill, often with great sadism, thanks to the ranchers and gun groups and the government agencies and legislators that those groups can buy. This reveals the corruption driving our system, and it should frighten all of us. Animals will always lose because they have no money and no voice.

    Until enough people care and are willing to organize and pool resources to fight back, the mindless signs will go up, and the wolves will die.

    • So then how do we stand up to these Barbarians? These murderers? These psychopaths? What should we do, storm Washington? Start a revolution? Because it seems no matter what, our voices are drowned out by the hunting cartel.

  2. Those are some sick people in Idaho! I will never visit their state or buy their potatoes until they give up their wolf killing mania.

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