9 thoughts on “Moral and Esthetic Superiority

  1. Man As Center of the Universe, Steward of the Land, of Animals and all Therein
    In the beginning Man created God in his image and commenced to begetting his kind and slaying his neighbors. The feasting, fornicating, and slaying went on for tens of thousands of years.
    Then Man discovered the bounty of domestication of plants and “other” animals. He began to settle into “civilizations” and specialization of labor forces. There evolved artisans, farmers, ranchers, soldiers, rulers, religious leaders, and politicians. Man decided that he was the center of the universe and all had been created for his stewardship. Rules or commandments were set up which made sin out of much that was fun, such as begetting with your neighbor’s wife and coveting his land and slaying him for such purposes or just for fun. But Man could not help his inherent and old ways of gluttony, fornicating, slaying and coveting. So, religious leaders came up with weekly, and as necessary, righteousness and forgiveness ceremonies which included donations to themselves for their administrations. The politicians also came up with the donations idea. The feasting, fornicating, slaying and coveting continued. Man multiplied to great numbers. He slayed millions of his kind and billions of the animal kingdom. The result of all the feasting and commerce was pollution, desecrations of the air, land, rivers and seas. Some men became alarmed at the results of civilization. Others denied the results were happening. Many of the more religious did not think it mattered because they had invented the afterlife for man. And so wanton feasting, fornicating, slaying continues. Amen.

  2. As soon as I saw the title of this entry, I knew it was going to be my favorite Ed Abbey quote. Truer words were never spoken. And thanks for not picking a photo that would better illustrate the quote. This one is much nicer.

  3. Well said! I’m sick of looking at their doofy faces too, as if they’ve done something important, when they’ve done something very sad and a setback for humanity. 😉

  4. Yes, I love the Edward Abbey quote also. However, if my memory is correct, in A Desert Solitaire Abbey describes his gratuitous killing of a rabbit. I’m glad he evolved.

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