15 thoughts on “Kendall Jones, The Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

  1. Sad sick little girls. No respect at all for life.
    Amazing how many people will simply shrug this off as ‘predator managment’… when those fools have no understanding of how nature works. True animals die, they die often and rarely in a peaceful way in the wild. But humans have created a gaping black hole, mass on-a-whim slaughters that cause genetic instability and tears apart families more so than they would normally have to encounter naturally. There is no natural selection involved, no chance to get away. There is no comparison to a predator and a human hunter, they are different on the most fundamental ecological level. And these foxes are probably just going to end up as macabre ornaments for this serial killer or some other idiot who, at the core, only finds the animal’s fur beautiful instead of the animal him/herself.

    • she is one evil witch don’t worry she will meet her maker she is sick she is pathetic this is cruel and who is she to shoot these animals she makes me sick

  2. Kendall is a very sick young woman starving for attention. She has found a predominantly male profession and decided to join in so the males think she’s hot. Just like a porn star. In fact, I give porn stars more creditability than Kendall. They are not killing anything.

    • well, some women are being attention hogs and are desperate for attention nowadays and I agree with the comments typed above cuz it just sounds wrong for animals to be killed viciously and not die in peace.

  3. Totally agree- no compassion makes someone very ugly indeed. I have never been able to get this mentality, just look how smug and proud they are??Over murdering living beings….so sad and sick. I really wish it didn’t seem so prevelant aswell!!

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